His Message for Thyatira as the Faith of Hinduism

His Message for Thyatira as the Faith of Hinduism
2.18Then write to the Angel of the Church in Thyatira:
Then publish for Krishna to his Hindu Faith from India:
‘These things says this Son of God with his eyes like a flame of fire and his feet resembling white-hot molten bronze.
This message comes from the Son of your Brahma,[45] His Tenth Avatar with his spirit blazing divine love and his justice glowing reward and gleaming punishment.
19I have seen your own good deeds, and your love, faith, service, and endurance, with your latest deeds bigger and better than the first.
I recognize your own good deeds, and your love, loyalty, service, and tenacity, with your latest deeds bigger and better than those of the first Hindus.
20On the other hand, I hold against you that you tolerate that God-trashing woman who calls herself a prophetess yet teaches and seduces my servants to fornicate and to eat sacrificial-meat.
On the other hand, I hold against you that you tolerate that God-trashing greed that poses as visionary yet leads and tempts my workers into exploitation and into profiteering.
21I have given her time to show regret, but she does not desire to give up her fornicating.
I have given it time to reform, but it does not want to stop its exploitation.
22Look, I am casting her into a coffin, and those who commit adultery with her into great hardship, unless they give up her practices, 23I shall also kill her children with deadly disease.
Look, I am afflicting it with death, and you who profiteer through it with much distress, since you do not stop its practices, I am also letting your young people die from deadly disease.
All the churches shall know that I myself am the sifter of minds and hearts; I shall award each of you according to your deeds.
All the Faiths are learning that I, your Tenth Avatar, am the searcher of minds and hearts; I award each of you as your deeds deserve.
24However, I tell the rest of you in Thyatira, as many as do not hold this same teaching, those who have not learnt ‘the depths of hatred’ (as they say):
However, I tell the rest if you in the Hindu Faith, as many as do not hold this same heresy, Hindus who have not plumbed the ‘depths of hatred’ (as they call them):
‘I lay no other burden on you. 25Just hold onto what you have until I am present.’
‘I ask no more of you. Just hold onto the Hindusim you have until I make myself known.’
26As for the victor and the one who takes to heart my good deeds right to the end, to him or her I shall give authority over nations, 27so that he or she shall guide them with an iron rod as clay pots to be broken up, as also I myself have attained from my Father, 28so I shall assign to him or her the Dawn-Star.
As for Hindus who prevail spiritually and those who take my good deeds seriously right through these end-times, to you I shall give authority over nations, so that you shall direct them with God’s firm law as countries devolving into cantons, as also I have attained from my Father Brahma, so I shall appoint a Hindu as the brilliant Teacher to dawn the next new Era.
29Let you that have ears listen to what this Spirit is telling the churches.’
Let you Hindu readers understand what I, the latest Manifestation of Brahma, am telling His Faiths.’
2.18–29: To Baha’u’llah the Bhagavad-Gita…referred as the ‘Most Great Spirit,’ the ‘Tenth Avatar,’ the ‘Immaculate Manifestation of Krishna’,[46] the reincarnation of Krishna.[47]
2.18–29: The Message of Krishna is the message of love.[48] In spite of its Trinity of Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva, and its other gods, Hinduism is a monotheistic Faith.
2.20, Iezabel(Jezebel) is the name of a vile queen that acts as a cover-name whose Ugaritic-Hebrew root is AY-ZEVEL that means literally God–Trash.
2.20–29: Directly interpreting fornicating sexually fits Hindu prophecy for the end of the Kali Yuga Cycle when the masters of the High Tantras stray like dogsspirits of wantonness possess maidens, and spirits of depravity possess nuns; with passion…the sole bond of union between the sexes and women…the objects merely of sensual gratification.[49]
2.23: Kill her children with deadly disease may also directly render sexually for AIDS as fatal venereal disease, in that early forms of venereal disease, like biblical syphilis,[50] are often fatal.
2.23: Baha’u’llah was styled ‘Sifter of Men’.[51]
2.27: Clay pots to be broken up interprets constructively as countries devolving into cooperative cantons, and this is no pipe-dream.‍[52] Though human beings are still divided into nation states…these states are rapidly becoming a single global civilization.[53]
2.28, Dawn-Star, a hidden title, dawns the millennial Day of Revelation of each Prophet of God in the heaven of justice, to herald the advent of that most great light,[54] just as Venus heralds the rising sun. This particular Dawn-Star interprets as the brilliant Messenger who launches the next religious Era after the Baha’i Era.

[45] Srimad-Bhagavatam 12.2.19–20 renders Brahma as Creator or more literally as Expander.

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