His Message for Smyrna as the Faith of Judaism

His Message to Smyrna as the Faith of Judaism

2.8Now write to the Angel of the Church in Smyrna:
Now publish for Moses to his Jewish Faith from Israel:
‘These things says the First and the Last who has gone through death yet lives on.
‘This message comes from your Adonai’s First-to-Last Manifestation who went through death as Moses yet lives on as your Messiah Ben David.
9I have seen your own distress and poverty (yet you are wealthy), along with the insult of those calling themselves Jews yet are not (instead, they are an assembly of opposition).
I know your own distress and poverty (yet you are spiritually rich), along with the affront of Jews saying they are Jews yet are not (instead, they are a ‘minyan’ of atheists hostile to Judaism).
10Do not at all fear what you have to suffer. Listen, the lying devil is going to cast some of you into prison, so that you may be tried, you shall also have trouble for ten days. Be faithful into death, and I shall give you the prize of life.
You have valiantly endured the persecutions, inquisitions, and pogroms that you have already had to suffer. Listen, evil lying Hitler shall gas you in concentration camps, so that you will be sorely tried, you shall also suffer from 1935 to 1945.[17] You will remain faithful through this genocide, and in I shall give you Israel as your 1948 prize of life.
11Let you that have ears listen to what this Spirit is telling the churches.
Let Jewish readers understand what I, the latest Manifestation of Adonai, am telling His Faiths.
The victor shall never be hurt by the second-death.’
Jews who prevail spiritually can never be hurt by spiritual death.’
2.8: God introduced Himself to Moses saying: I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as ‘the Almighty’ (‘El Shaddai’) but did not tell them My name ‘YHWH’.[18] This unspeakable YHWH (English equivalent JEHOVAH) is voiced as Adonai or Lord.
2.8: The return of Moses at the End of Days entrains two Messiahs: Messiah…son of Joseph and Messiah son of David,[19] coming from a womb…giving birth…to two Messiahs.[20]
2.8–11, also vv. 5.3 & 22.16: Baha’u’llah was doubly descended from Abraham, through his wives Sarah and Keturah.
2.8–11: Baha’u’llah’s Tablet to the Jews calls up Jewish concepts:
The promised God says: ‘O Concourse of Jews! Ye were of Me, appeared from Me and returned to Me. How is it that ye do not recognize Me now when I have appeared with all the signs? Ye have taken foes for friends and abandoned the real Friend!Gaze with pure eyes.Turn with attentive ears.Hear the voice of God.All things call unto you and invite you unto the Lord, while yehave not become conscious even for a moment. The ear is to hearken unto My voice, and the eye is to behold My beauty.Only a new eye can perceive and a new mind can comprehend this station that the wanderers may attain to the real native land and the blind ones may receive discerning sight.[21]
2.9, 2.13 × 2, 24, 3.9, 12.9, 20.2 & 7, SATANAS (‘SATAN’) is a cover-name whose Hebrew roots are the Hebrew sister-words SATAN meaning literally hate and SATAM meaning literally oppose/block. Satan is utter hatred.…Whenever you meet hatred and enmity…these are the evidences and attributes of Satan.[22] This evil spirit Satanrefers to the lower nature in man.[23] Human personality appears in two aspects: the image or likeness of God, and the aspect of Satan.[24]
2.9 & 3.9: Those calling themselves Jews but are not interpret as a minyan[25] of atheist Jews who oppose true religion and reject the Jewish Faith.[26]
2.10, 12.9, 12, 20.2 & 10, DIABOLOS (‘DEVIL’) is a cover-name whose Greek root is DIA–BOLOS meaning literally thrower–through (of words), for liar, slanderer, accuser, orlying evil. Even though there is no independent force of evil in creation…terms such as ‘devil’ or ‘Satan’ are used in sacred books as symbols of the promptings of the lower nature of man,[27] and of evil and dark forces yielding to temptation.[28]
2.10: In this cycle Israel will be gathered in the Holy Land.…The Jewish people who are scattered to the East and West, South and North, will be assembled together.[29]

[17] From the 1935 Nürnburg race-laws to the 1945 Holocaust-end.

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