His Message to Philadelphia as the Faith of Christianity

His Message to Philadelphia as the Faith of Christianity
3.7Next, writeto the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia:
Next, publish for Jesus to his Christian Faith from Israel:
‘These things says the holy One, the true One who bears the key of a beloved David who opens so that no one shall close and closes so that no one opens.
‘This message comes from your genuine Son of Man, your unique Son of Man who has brought his remedy of a Beloved One who has opened a new Cycle that no one can close and has closed an old Cycle that no one can reopen.
8I have seen your own good deeds.
I recognize your own good deeds.
Look, I have placed open in front of you your own Door that no one can close, for you have little strength. Yet you have taken to heart my Word and have not denied my name.
Look, I have revealed to you your own Door of Jesus whom none of you could block, for you are weak from disunity. Yet you have taken seriously my Divine Speaker Jesus, and have not rejected me in him.
9Look, I am giving over some from that assembly of opposition (who call themselves Jews, yet are not, but lie). Listen, I shall have them come and worship at your feet.
Look, I have assigned some Jews from that minyan of atheists hostile to Judaism (who call themselves Jews, yet are not, but pretend). Listen, I am having them come and worship humbly with you.
Now they shall learn that I myself have loved you.
Now they are discovering that I, their Messiah, love you Christians.
10Because you have preserved this Word of my endurance, also I myself shall preserve you from the hour of test that will come upon the whole inhabited earth to test those living on the earth.
Because you have kept Jesus as the Divine Speaker of my eternal Gospel, also I, his Son of Man, will keep you from these end-time trials of the Messiah that have come upon the whole of Middle East society to try those dwelling on the earth.
11I am coming soon. Hold firm to what you have, so that no one may take away your prize.
I have come in 1863, just after your Door. You have remained loyal to the Christian Faith that you have, so that no one can take me, your prize, away.
12As for the victor, I shall turn him or her into a pillar in the Temple of my God, so that he or she shall never leave!
As for Christians who prevail spiritually, I am making you champions of the One Religion of my God, so that you shall never leave!
Upon him, her, and it I shall write:
Through you, and it, I will broadcast:
The name of this God of mine,
‘The Most Glorious’ as the name of this God of ours,
The name of the city of this God of mine, the New Jerusalem landing from the sky from my God, and
‘Divine Civilization’ as the name of the system of this God of ours, the New Jerusalem coming as a Revelation from our God, and
This new name of mine.
The Glory of God’ as this new name of mine.
13Let you that have ears listen to what this Spirit is telling the churches.’
Let Christian readers understand what I, the latest Manifestation of our God, am telling His Faiths.’
3.7–13: Baha’u’llah’s Tablet to the Christians calls up Christian concepts,[8] urging:
Christians! Are ye hidden from Myself because of My Name? Ye have called for your Lord night and day, and when He hath come ye have not approached. Consider those who turned away from the Spirit (Christ) when He came to them with manifest power. How many of the Pharisees were abiding in the Temples in His Name. But when the gate opened no one approached. Likewise look at this time. How many monks were abiding in churches and were calling for the Spirit, and when He came in truth, they approached Him not. He hath come from Heaven as He came from it the first time. The Son beareth witness to Me and I bear witness to Him. Priests, leave the bells come out from the churches. Proclaim in this Greatest Name among the nations.[9]
Baha’u’llah’s Tablet to the Pope (Pius IX) continues:
O Pope! Rend asunder the veils! Verily He hath come from heaven another time, as He came from it the first time; beware lest thou oppose Him as the Pharisees opposed without evidence or proof. The Promised One hath appeared. Beware lest theology prevent thee from the King lest celebration preventeth you from the Celebrated, and worship from the Worshipped. Do ye read the Gospel and still do not acknowledge the Glorious Lord. The Word, which the Son (Christ) concealed hath appeared in the form of man in this time. Sell that which thou hast of decked ornaments. Come out from the Vatican. He said, ‘Come, that I may make you fishers of men,’ and today We say, ‘Come, that We may make you vivifiers of the world. People of the Gospel We have revealed Ourselves unto you on a previous occasion and ye did not know Me. This is another time, this is the Day of God, come unto Him.[10]
3.7–8, 20 & 4.1: The Holy One, the true One interpret as Baha’u’llah as one party, and the key of a beloved David interpret as the Bab as another party.
3.7, 5.5 & 22.16: DAVID is a cover-name whose Hebrew root means literally a beloved one (also uncle). It renders comprehensively as a beloved David, and interprets for the Bab as a beloved one who is the key of David.[11]
3.8, 20, & 4.1, also 5.6: Door appears four times in the Apocalypse, then vanishes, to be replaced by the Ram from Chapter 5 to the end. Now both Door and Ram symbolize the Return of Jesus as the Bab.
3.8: Christianity’s dissentions among various sects have opened the way to weakness.[12]
3.10 & 12.2: Christianity’s testing end-times correspond to Judaism’s birth pangs of the Messiah and Hinduism’s dark events that end its Kali Age.
3.12: Revelations 3.12 refers to the Revelation of Baha’u’llah.[13]
3.12:The pillar of God is being erected and hath become manifest and all things are made new.[14]
3.12, etc.: The Temple portrays the One Religion of God.
3.12, 15.8, 21.11 & 23: Glory of God is Jesus in a new name as Baha’u’llah.[15]
3.12, 21.2 & 11: IERUSALEM (JERUSALEM) is a cover-name whose Hebrew root YIR’U–SHALAYIM means literally they shall see–dual peace. But it translates traditionally as Jerusalem.

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