His Message to Pergamos as the Faith of Zoroastrianism

His Message to Pergamos as the Faith of Zoroastrianism
2.12Next, write to the Angel of the Church in Pergamos:
Next, publish for Zarathustra to his Zarathustrian Faith from Persia:
‘These things says the bearer of the sharp two-edged sword.
‘This message comes from your Bearer of Benefit speaking Ahura Mazda’s wise perceptive truth.
13I know where you live, where the throne of hatred is. Yet you hold firmly to my name and have not denied my Faith, even in those days against all (as my own trustworthy Witness who was executed among you where hatred dwells).
I know Persia where you Zarathustrians and I dwell, where the hateful Qajar regime reigns. Yet you have remained loyal to me through Zarathustra and have not rejected our Faith even in those 1844–1850 years of opposition (as my own true Delegate Hushidar who was executed among us in Persia where Qajar hatred has its home).
14On the other hand, I hold some things against you, that there you have folk holding onto the teaching of a people-swallower who taught the blood-lapper to entrap the sons of Israel to eat sacrificial-meat and to fornicate.
On the other hand, I hold some things against you, that here in Persia you have heretics following the teaching of a grave heresy that has led bloodthirsty people to snare some of us Persian heirs of the Jews first seeing God into profiteering and into exploitation.
15So also you yourself have folk holding onto the teaching of those who win over people likewise.
So also you Zarathustrians have folk following the teaching of heretics who deceive believers as those Sabaean heretics did.
16Therefore mend your ways.
Therefore you had to reform.
But if not, I am coming to you soon, and shall fight them with the sword of my mouth.
But since you did not, I have come for you in 1863, just after Hushidar, and am fighting your heretics with the truth of my verses.
17Let you that have ears listen to what this Spirit is telling the Churches.
Let Zarathustrian readers understand what I, the latest Manifestation of Ahura Mazda, am telling His Faiths.
As for the victor, to him or her I shall give some of the hidden ‘What-Is-It’.
As for Zarathustrians who prevail spiritually, with you I am sharing some of Zarathustra’s hidden secrets.
To him or her I shall give a white tablet with a new name engraved on this tablet, which no one but the recipient knows.’
To you I am showing Hushidar’s holy tablet bearing the new name ‘Most Glorious’ for Ahura Mazda, penned on this tablet, which no one else but I, its recipient, has known.’
2.12–17, Zarathustrianism (called also Magianism or Mazdeism) was the state religion of the Medes and Persians and has probably influenced religious history more than any other.‍[30]. Its founder Zarathustra (Zoroaster) was a divinely-appointed and fully independent Manifestation of God,[31] and his flame…is still burning.[32] Had the Zoroastrians comprehended the reality of Zoroaster, they would have understood Moses and Jesus.[33] The Mede king Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem and captured the Jews in 586 BCE. But he and his successors Balthazar, Cyrus, Darius, and Xerxes respected the Jews as fellow-monotheists. Christians celebrate Zarathustrians as the wise Magi Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar who came late to the first Christmas. The Quran recognizes Zarathustrians as People of the Book called Magians.[34]
2.12–17: In his Tablet to the Persian Zoroastrian Baha’is Baha’u’llah calls himself the
First Emanation from the Sun of Wisdom, also a skillful physician who diagnoses the illness and wisely prescribes the remedy. The Primal Word appeared in these latter days. As for him as the Sun of Knowledge. the heaven of righteousness has no star brighter than this. Turn from the darkness of foreignness to the shining of the sun of unity. The tree of the Word has no better blossom, and the ocean of wisdom never shall have a brighter pearl than this. I am that light which illumines the path of insight. I am the falcon on the hand of the Almighty. I bear healing in My wings, and teach the knowledge of soaring to the heaven of truth. The past is the mirror of the future, look and perceive, so that after the acquirement of knowledge, ye may know the Friend.[35]
2.12–13: The Zarathustrian Faith calls God Ahura Mazda, Lord of Wisdom, and His greater and lesser Promised-Ones are its Saoshyant Bearer of Benefit and its Hushidar Door to Wisdom.
2.13, ANTIPAS is a cover-name that means literally against all for the six years of the Bab speaking out against Qajar Persia’s cruel unjust system until he was martyred in 1850.
2.13: A world in which naught can be perceived save strife, quarrels and corruption is bound to become the seat of the throne, the very metropolis, of Satan.[36]
2.14, BALAAM is the name of prophet that acts as a cover-name whose Hebrew root is BALA–AM that means literally he swallowed–a people.
2.14, BALAAK is the name of a king that acts as a cover-name whose Hebrew root is BA–L’LAKEK (packing L’LAKEKas LAK) that literally means he comes–to lap up (presumably Israelite blood) and renders as blood-lapper.
2.14, 7.4 & 21.12, ISRAEL is a cover-name whose Hebrew root is ISH–SHE–RAAH–EL that means literally ‘a man who saw God’, who was Jacob who ‘had his name changed to Israel’.‍[37] Translated traditionally as Israel, it also interprets comprehensively for Jews as a royal priesthood…seeing God[38] as the the old Cycle of Prophecy’s first people to recognize God enduringly. Now their Baha’i heirs, a kingdom of Priests (v. 1.6) are the new Cycle of Fulfillment’s first people to recognize God enduringly.
2.16, 3.11, 11.14, 22.7, 12 & 20, Soon fits the mere nineteen years between the 1844 proclamation of the Bab and the 1863 proclamation of Baha’u’llah that was at hand in less than the twinkling of an eye.[39] That so brief an interval separated this most mighty and wondrous Revelation from Mine…is…a mystery such as no mind can fathom…its duration…foreordained.[40] In other words, this interval between Messengers was not the usual thousand years.
2.17, MANNA is a cover-name whose Hebrew root is MAN–HU that means literally What-Is-It! as shouted by Israelites surprised at seeing the morning Sinai sand spread with bread from heaven.[41]
2.17, White tablet is the Bab’s long epistle written shortly before his execution and penned in the most graceful manner…in the shape of a man…in the form of a pentacle…to be delivered to the hands of [Baha’u’llah] in Tihran [sic],[42] which contained three hundred and sixty derivatives from the word Bahá [Glory][43]
2.17 & 3.12, The Most Glorious (El-Abha) is the new name of God.[44]

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