His Message to Laodicea as the Faith of Islam

His Message to Laodicea as the Faith of Islam
3.14Then write to the Angel of the Church in Laodicea:
Then publish for Muhammad to his Muslim Faith from Arabia:
‘These things says the Amen, the trustworthy and true Witness, and the Beginning of the creation of God.
‘This message comes from your Final Qayyum Raiser, your true and genuine Delegate, and your Opener of the new world order of Allah.
15I have seen your own deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot (if only you were cold or hot!).
I recognize your own deeds, that you are neither serene nor striving (if only you were serene or striving!).
16So because you are tepid—neither hot nor cold—I shall vomit you from my mouth,
So because you are complacent—neither striving nor serene—I am denouncing you,
17For you gush:
For you Muslims boast:
‘I am rich. I have grown rich. I need nothing!’
‘We manifest wealth. We have prospered. We need nothing new!’
Yet you have not seen that you yourself are the wretched and pitiful one. Poor! Blind! Naked!
Yet you have not learnt that you yourselves are wretched and pitiful. Weak! Unaware! Ignorant!
18I advise you to buy from me gold refined by fire so that you may be rich, white garments so that you may be clad and your embarrassing nakedness not show, and ointment to anoint your eyes so that you may see.
I urge you to obtain from me glory refined by justice so that you can enrich your spirits, noble deeds so that you can behave well and your foolish ignorance not show, and awareness to train your insight so that you can become aware.
19I myself train and rebuke all those I love. So get serious and mend your ways.
I, your Qayyum, train and rebuke everybody I love. So sober up and reform.
20See, I was and have been standing at the Door. Now I am knocking. If anybody hear my voice and open this Door, I shall enter for him or her.
See, from 1844 I was, and from 1863 I have been, championing the Door of Jesus. From 1863 I have been proclaiming. Since many of you Muslims have heard me proclaiming and opened this Door, I have come for you.
With him or her I shall banquet, and he or she with me.
With you I am celebrating, and you with me.
21As for the victor, I shall appoint him or her to join me on this Throne of mine, as also I myself have been victorious and have joined my Father on this Throne of His.
As for Muslims who prevail spiritually, I am appointing you to join me as founders of this new Revelation of mine, as also I your Qayyum have been spiritually successful and have joined our Father Allah as the Founder of this new Revelation of His.
22Let you that have ears listen to what this Spirit is telling the churches.’
Let Muslim readers understand what I, the latest Manifestation of our Allah, am telling His Faiths.’
3.14: To the first six churches the Angel introduced himself with titles from his Chapter 1 debut. Thus he appeared to the Ephesus Church as the one who firmly holds the seven stars in his right-hand, and likewise to five more churches. But he uses new titles to introduce himself to this seventh church Laodicea. In AD 95, the Faiths symbolized by the first six churches already existed—but not Islam that Laodicea symbolizes. His new title Amen fits Muhammad as the seal of the Prophets; Beginning of the creation of God fits him adding to creation as…the first time; and True Witness fits him as a messenger sent to be a witness.[16]
3.14–22: That the Book of Revelation should predict Islam shocks Christians. But, like it or not, Islam is Christianity’s successor Faith. As a prophet John was obliged to announce future Islam as important news, for better and for worse. For better, John’s visionary eye conceived Muhammad in his Revelation bride shining true loving Islam as large as life. For worse, John flashed the militant Islamof Mohammadanism whose Locust cavalries Millennialist interpreters saw swarming out of Arabia, whose Scorpion arrows they heard whistling across the Middle East, and whose Ottoman cannon smoke they smelt enveloping Constantinople.[17] But bias stopped them seeing the true loving Islam of Muhammad in the Apocalypse.
3.14: Islam’s greater Promised-One is its Shi’i Qayyum Raiser or Sunni Muhdi Guider.
3.18: Wherever in the Holy Books…the blind received sight…he obtained the true perception. When a deaf man received hearing…he acquired spiritual and heavenly hearing.[18]
3.20, 19.9: We…have opened unto you the gates of the Kingdom…before thy face. Every favoured soul is seated at the banquet table of the Lord, receiving his portion of that heavenly feast the Abha (‘Most Glorious’) Paradise.[19]
3.21: A Messenger has come from among yourselves as the Lord of the mighty throne.[20]

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