Timeline of Middle East Faiths and Empires

*Across the Middle East stage of the Apocalypse, New Revelation Codes unfurls two sets of seven flags for our end times that are beginning times. One set of flags welcomes the Cycle of Prophecy’s seven serial Faiths of Sabaeanism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. The other set of flags warns of the Cycle of Prophecy’s seven serial ancient Empires of Egypt, Media, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, and Byzantium.


BCE 3761/AM1
Adam. Start of the Jewish Anno Moshe (AM) calendar
BCE 3228
BCE 3100–1070
Egyptian Empire
Israelite Exodus from Egypt
Assyrian Empire
Zoroaster (originally Zarathustra)
Assyria conquers Judah & disperses the Jews
BCE 968–928
Solomon builds the First Jerusalem Temple
BCE 1800–1550
Early Median/Babylonian Empire
BCE 722–540
Late Median/Babylonian Empire (Media)
BCE 557–331
Persian Empire
BCE 597
Nebuchadnezzar conquers Jerusalem
BCE 586
Nebuchadnezzar destroys Temple, captures the Jews
BCE 586–457
Media & Persia hold the Jews in captivity
BCE 500–148
Greek Empire
BCE ~563–483
BCE 457
Artaxerxes decrees the rebuilding of the Temple
BCE 168
Greece desecrates the Temple
BCE 264–CE 476
Roman Empire
CE1 (traditional)
Jesus born. Start of the Anno Domini (AD) calendar
CE ~30
Jesus proclaims
CE ~33
Jesus crucified
CE 64–96
Rome persecutes Jews & Christians
CE 95
John sees Revelation vision on the Island of Patmos
CE 70
Rome destroys the Temple & disperses the Jews
CE 100
John dies at Ephesus
CE 110–238
Rome persecutes Jews & Christians again
CE 249–311
Rome persecutes Jews and Christians again
CE 313
Constantine makes Christianity his state religion
CE 325
Constantine summons the Council of Nicea
CE 330–1461
Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire
CE 401
Barbarians invade Western Roman Empire
CE 410
Barbarians capture Rome
CE 570
Muhammad born
CE 613/BH10
Muhammad sees vision on Mt. Hira
CE 613/BH10
Muhammad proclaims
CE 622/AH1
Muhammad flees. Start of Anno Hijrae (AH) calendar
CE 628
Muhammad signs Hudaybiyyah peace treaty
CE 632
Muhammad dies
CE 632–61
Rashidun Caliphate (Abu-Bakr, ‘Umar, Uthman, Ali)
CE 633–778
150-year sway of Umayyad Locust & Scorpion forces
CE 638
Rashidun Caliph ‘Umar captures Jerusalem
CE 656
Ali becomes fourth Rashidun Caliph and Shi’i First Imam
CE 656–873
Shi’i Imamate (twelve serial Imams)
CE 661
Ali assassinated
CE 666
Muawiya proclaims as first Umayyad Caliph
CE 666–749
Umayyad Caliphate (Damascus)
CE 749
Abbasid coup
CE 750–1258
Abbasid Caliphate (Baghdad)
CE 756
Spanish Umayyad Caliphate founded (Cordoba)
CE 873
Twelfth Imam vanishes
CE 1299–1918
Ottoman Empire founded (Istanbul)
CE 1453
Ottoman Empire captures Constantinople
CE 1492
Christians expel Jews & Muslims from Spain
CE 1796–1924
Persian Qajar Dynasty begins
CE 1817
Baha’u’llah born
CE 1819
The Bab born
1844/BE1/AH 1260
The Bab proclaims. Start of the Baha’i Era (BE) calendar
1844/BE1/AH 1260
Ottoman Edicts of Toleration take effect in Palestine
CE 1850
The Bab executed by firing squad
CE 1852
Baha’u’llah sees his vision in the Black Pit
BE 1863 /
BE 19 AH 1280
Baha’u’llah proclaims
CE 1892
Baha’u’llah dies
CE 1914–18
World War I
CE 1921
‘Abdu’l-Baha dies
CE 1935–45
Nazi Germany persecutes Jews for 10 years
CE 1939–45
World War II
CE 1948
State of Israel founded
CE 1957
Shoghi Effendi dies
1963 / BE 119
Baha’i Universal House of Justice founded
CE 1995
Nineteenth Centennial of Book of Revelation
CE 2000–3000
Christian AD Third Millennium
CE 2240–3240
Jewish Seventh Millennium (AM 6000–7000)


















































From the dawn of history, this tango danced by Faiths and Empires has seen long term material and spiritual progress. But en route, alas, up and down phases have jerked humanity though the graph’s painful bipolar boom-to-bust red big-dipper route far more often than it has meandered along the learn-as-you-go yellow brick road. This book explains how and why.


Two notional progress curves



For millennia, these Middle East Faiths and Empires have danced the tango of human progress along the following timeline: