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Dr Robert Stockman

Rabbi Suzanne Carter

Author Robert Riggs

Professor David Aune





Timeline of Middle East Faiths and Empires

The Apocalypse is a Book of Codes

The 1844 Time-Prophecies

1844 according to Revelation

1844 according to Judaism

1844 according to Zoroastrianism

1844 according to Hinduism

1844 according to Buddhism

1844 according to Christianity

1844 according to Islam

1844 according to the Baha’i Faith

1844 according to the Ottoman Edicts of Toleration

Twin Messiahs

The Bab


The Tombs of Baha’u’llah and the Bab

Mount Carmel

Progressive Religious Revelation

The Seven Faiths of Asia

Messengers of God

The Nine Monotheistic Faiths

Short Eras and Long Cycles

Who are the Founders and Elders?

Baha'i Writings interpret Revelation

Baha'i Writings

Baha’i Pilgrim Notes

Baha’u’llah’s Apocalypse Roles

God, Law, Religion, and Afterlife

Inclusive Unity

The Law or One Religion of God

The Golden Rule

The Infinite Force called “God”

Life-after-Birth anticipates Life-after-Death

The Jewish Temple and its Meanings

Yom Kippur Events fill the Apocalypse

Jewish Temples, Physical and Visionary

Sacred Temple Objects

The Ark

The Shechinah Presence of God

“The Millennium” is the Seventh Jewish Millennium

New Jerusalem is Divine Civilization

The Shape of New Jerusalem

The 24 New Jerusalem Gemstones

The Structure of New Jerusalem

The Twelve Commandments

 1. Oneness of Humanity (diamond)

 2. Independent Investigation of Truth (sapphire)

 3. Unity of Spiritual Reality (chalcedony)

 4. One Foundation of All Religions (emerald)

 5. Agreement of Religion and Science (sardonyx)

 6. Equality of Men and Women (ruby)

 7. Abandonment of Prejudices (chrysolite)

 8. Universal Peace (beryl)

 9. Universal Education (topaz)

10. Spiritual Economics (chrysoprase)

11. Universal Auxiliary Language (jacinth)

12. Supreme Global Tribunal (amethyst)

War and Peace

The Lesser Peace and the Greater Peace

The Armageddon Century of Worldwide Warfare

A Supreme Global Tribunal

Conflicts between Faiths

The Apocalypse History of Muslim Militarism

Parallel Interpretation of the Apocalypse

The Multiple Meanings of Prophecy

The Linguistic Devices of John

This Baha’i-Based Interpretation summarized

Revelation  1: The Messenger of a New Faith

Revelation  2: His Messages for Four Earlier Faiths

Revelation  3: His Messages for Three Recent Faiths

Revelation  4: His Message of a New Faith

Revelation  5: The Ram

Revelation  6: The Four Forces/Horses of the Apocalypse

Revelation  7: The 144,000 Diamond of Unity

Revelation  8: A History of Christianity

Revelation  9: A History of Islam

Revelation 10: The Glory of God

Revelation 11: The Central Apocalypse Prophecy

Revelation 12: Muslim Militarism cripples True Islam

Revelation 13: The 666 ad Number of the Beast

Revelation 14: A New Gospel

Revelation 15: The Shechinah Presence of God

Revelation 16: Armageddon as Mount Carmel

Revelation 17: Interpreting Prophetic Symbols

Revelation 18: Babylon falls into Economic Depression

Revelation 19: The Banquet served by Spiritual Economics

Revelation 20: The Seventh Jewish Millennium

Revelation 21: The Divine Civilization of New Jerusalem

Revelation 22: The One Religion of God

Timeline of Revelation Prophecies

Muslim Militarism and Malignant Materialism

Muslim Militarism

America as Great Satan

The Confused Babylon of Malignant Materialism

Deliberate Waste

Malignant Materialism Collapses

Painful Paralysis

Spiritual Economics

Worthy Prosperity

Laws of Spiritual Economics

Translation Section

The Original Text of the Apocalypse

This Translation of the Book of Revelation

Further Linguistic Devices

The Structure of the Book of Revelation




Millennialist Bibliography