Across the Middle East stage of Revelation, New Apocalypse Revelations has unfurled two sets of seven flags. One set of flags has welcomed the seven serial Faiths of the One Religion of God. The other set of flags has warned of the seven serial Empires that generated Malignant Materialism. In the process, this bookidentifies 1844 as the date when the Cycle of Prophecy switched to the Cycle of Fulfillment, and now the bursting of the Babylon balloon of Malignant Materialism into a Greatest Depression. It predicts the phoenix of spiritual economics arising from the ashes of Malignant Materialism and beating its spiritual and material wings in unison, to bring worthy prosperity and to launch a new cycle of human power[1] of a global divine civilization’s golden Millennium of peace and justice.

[1] ‘Abdu’l-Baha in London 19