Spiritual Economics

Today the war between the Muslim Militarism of the Middle East and the Malignant Materialism of the Christian West is the clearly the main fight between Faiths. Back in AD 95, John saw them as the tangled shadow of a horned beast and a Babylon whore struggling across the sea between Patmos and Ephesus. Before that he had first forecast the beast of the Umayyad and Ottoman Empires and the whore of the Byzantine Empire struggling across the same sea, across which their Turkish and Greek descendants still glower.

Baha’i Writings censure both Muslim Militarism and Malignant Materialism severely. They are systems defined by doctrines and agendas. The doctrine of Muslim Militarism is religion and its agenda is violence. The doctrine of Malignant Materialism is money and its agenda is waste. Today Muslim Militarism sees Malignant Materialism as its enemy, whose golden calf (Exod. 32.4) most of the world now worships—led by the USA. With brutal logic, Muslim Militarism targeted the ensigns of this golden USA calf’s economic, governmental, and military power on that 9/11 day of heavy slaughter when towers topple (Isaiah 30.25). It clipped the horns of its economic power as the World Trade Center’s twin towers, but failed to destroy the legs of its military and government power as the Pentagon and Congress.