Prophecy Has Multiple Meanings

Prophecy having many meanings should come as no surprise—from the Genesis story of Adam and Eve simply as a symbol with numerous meanings,[1]‑A through to the Apocalypse having multiple meanings for its visions which just its plethora of interpretations testifies to.

The four Hebrew consonants of the Hebrew mnemonic acronym PARDES meaning orchard spell out four levels of scriptural meaning as the initials of the words PESHAT (the literal meaning of the Torah), REMEZ (hints and allusions), DRASH (the homiletical interpretation) and SOD (secret).[2]‑J Read another way, prophecies

speak a twofold language. One language, the outward language, is devoid of allusions, is unconcealed and unveiled; that it may be a guiding lamp and a beaconing light.…The other language is veiled and concealed.…In such utterances, the literal meaning, as generally understood by the people, is not what hath been intended. Thus it is recorded: ‘Every knowledge hath seventy meanings, of which one only is known, and ‘We speak one word, and by it we intend one and seventy meanings; each one of these meanings we can explain’.[3]‑B 

In the Apocalypse, multiple meanings work at two levels. On one level, a symbol may depict a single general topic, as many rooms in Apocalypse palace may serve as a guest room for example. In this way a whole range of roles all fit the same main Messenger. Likewise, many sets of seven—Spirits of God, Menorah-Lamps, stars, Angels, horns and eyes, and seals—all portray the seven Cycle of Prophecy Messengers. Similarly, the huge whore who sits on many waters, the woman mounted on a scarlet beast, the woman drunk, the Mother of the Whores, gross Babylon Confusion, and gross city all glint as facets of the same greedy Babylon.

On another level, a single image may portray facets of the same topic across in many ways across eras, areas, and arenas, as the single library in Apocalypse palace may serve diverse functions like reading, researching, meeting, or flirting for example. The most striking extra interpretations of this ilk appear in the Parallel Interpretation as exceptions to its main single track.[4] Less striking extra interpretations appear in the Comments for their verses. Other extra interpretations now follow here by verse:

1.4: Seven-Churches of Asia interpret as also early churches in Turkey

2.13: Antipas (my own trustworthy Witness who was executed) as also the first Pergamos Bishop Antipas martyred for his opposition to idolaters

3.14: Amen as master-workman

6.12: A violent earthquake as the 1755 Lisbon earthquake that killed 60,000 people; the sun turned black as the 1780 Dark Day; and the stars of the sky fell as the 1833 Starfall

6.17 & 7.1: Four angels as four Baha’i Primary-Figures championing Islam

9.11: The evil-angel of the bottomless pit as Muawiya’s father Abu-Sufyan

9.14–15: Four angels as Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, and Jesus and their Faiths that influenced the Middle East from 1453 to 1844; or as Asian, Syrian, Mosul, and Miyapharekin Ottoman Sultans who ruled the Middle East from 1453 to 1844[5]

12.1: Woman dressed in the sun as Zion promoting Judaism, Hagar grand-mothering 12 tribal leaders for Abraham, or Fatima promoting Islam

12.1: Crown of 12 stars as 12 Tribes of Jacob, 12 Tribes of Ishmael, or 12 Apostles of Jesus

12.6: An heir, a male as Jesus or Muhammad

12.6: The woman who fled into the desert as Hagar saving Ishmael in the Paran desert or Mary saving Jesus in the Egyptian desert

12.14: The great eagle’s two wings beating as Muhammad’s Ali and Fatima

13.1: The sea as the Umayyad mind

13.1: Beast as other brutal regimes and rulers such as Roman Emperors, Umayyad Caliphs, or Qajar Shahs

13.14: Copy of the beast as a brutal successor, such as Domitian (CE 81–96) coming after Nero (AD 54–68), Umayyads (AD 666–749) after Romans (AD 95–476), or Yazid (AD 645–83) poisoning his poisoner father Muawiya (CE 602–680)

14.6: Babylon Confusion as the ignoble whore of Rome glinting greed

14.6–9: Three Angels in another sequence, such as the first flying high overhead as Muhammad (as in v. 8.13)

14.6–9 & 14–20: Seven Angels as Cycle of Prophecy Messengers

17.6: Witnesses of Jesus as the Letters of the Living of Jesus Returned as the Bab

17.8: Beast that did exist as Muawiya snatching power, does not exist as him feigning return of power to Hasan, and due to rise as him seizing power back from Hasan[6]

17.10: Five have fallen as Abu Sufyan and Rashidun Caliphs ‘Abu-Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali, one exists as Muawiya, the other…must stay small as Hasan holding power briefly, and the eighth and…of the seven as Muawiya seizing power back from Hasan[7]

17.12: Ten rulers¼who have not yet attained royal power but shall gain authority as ten Spanish Umayyad, Abbasid, or Seljuk Caliph-Names[8]

17.12: For a single hour as the single AD 666–749 century of Umayyad power

21.2: New Jerusalem as the noble bride of Christianity radiating love

21.12: Gates and foundations as Jewish and Christian teachings.


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