Mount Carmel, the Mountain of God's Preacher Baha'u'llah

*In 1890, Baha’u’llah walked on Mount Carmel,[1] and it cried out, trembling as if shaken by the breezes of the Lord,[2] as he issued his Tablet of Carmel, saying:
This Day…the countenance of the Ancient of Days hath turned towards His holy seat…Carmel…the light of the countenance of God…hath been lifted upon thee.…Rejoice, for God hath in this Day established upon thee His throne, hath made thee the dawning-place of His signs.…Well is it with him that circleth around thee, that proclaimeth the revelation of thy glory, and recounteth that which the bounty of the Lord thy God hath showered upon thee.…He, verily, loveth the spot which hath been made the seat of His throne, which His footsteps have trodden.…Call out to Zion, O Carmel, and announce the joyful tidings: He that was hidden from mortal eyes is come! His all-conquering sovereignty is manifest; His all-encompassing splendour is revealed.…Circumambulate the City of God that hath descended from heaven.…Say unto the cities of Judah: ‘Behold your God!’.…This Day all the signs have appeared.…Carmel…‌hath been designated as the Hill of God.…Here…the Tabernacle of Glory hath been raised.…The splendor of Carmel…shall see the glory of the Lord, and the splendor of our God. These passages stand in need of no commentary. They are shining and manifest as the sun, and glowing and luminous as light itself. Every fair-minded person is led, by the fragrance of these words, unto the garden of understanding.[3]
Mount Carmel, this Spot, this scene of transcendent splendour…enshrines the heart of the Faith itself, its Cradle…and its most sacred and historic sites where the Baha’i Faith’s three Central Figures…are buried. Mount Carmel is not only the centre of Bahá’í pilgrimages from all over the world but also the permanent seat of [the Faith’s] Administrative Order…attracting widespread interest, not only on the part of the Baha’is, but of the public of the State of Israel as well.Mount Carmel expresses the oneness of the Faith’s being. In contrast to the circumstances of other world religions, the spiritual and administrative centres…are inseparably bound together in this same spot on earth, its guiding institutions centered on the Shrine of its martyred Prophet.…The harmony…in the variegated flowers, trees and shrubs of the surrounding gardens seems to proclaim the ideal of unity in diversity [my emphasis].[4]
Baha’u’llah’s Tablet of Carmel calls
into being the metropolis of the Kingdom of God on Earth…so linked with the city of ‘Akká that a single grand metropolis will be formed to enshrine the spiritual as well as the administrative seats of the future Baha’i Commonwealth. From Mount Carmel will stream forth rivers of laws and ordinances…with all-conquering power and awe-inspiring majesty, the like of which past ages have never seen.[5]

Mount Carmel is the sacred mountain of God of Isaiah and the Mountain of God’s Preacher and large and lofty mountain of Revelation.[6]

Map of Baha’i holy sites near Mount Carmel

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