The Jewish Seventh Millennium

The Shechinah Sabbath Bride also portrays the Millennium of global peace, justice, and prosperity. Here the Millennium identifies with the Jewish Seventh Millennium. With it, in the divine scheme of things, the Christian Third Millennium overlaps enough to be called The Millennium too. But it centuries of end times must pass before the
world shall be prepared to enter the Seventh Millennium as a person who prepares himself on the sixth day (Friday) as the sun sets to enter the Sabbath…because at the end of times, when Moses will appear, the Shechinah will rise up. And the students of the Torah on earth will be watered by her.[1]
This reappearance of Moses at the end of times is Baha’u’llah, from whom four centuries of end times must pass until the Seventh Jewish Millennium starts in CE 2240 (two more centuries).
The Seventh Jewish Millennium crowns the Jewish millennial week as the Jewish Seventh Day Sabbath crowns the Jewish work week.3] The Faiths’ spiritual Days play out as the Jewish millennial week, whose
Sunday first millennium was 3760–2761 BCE (Anno Moshe 1–1000)
Monday second millennium was 2761–1761 BCE (AM 1000–2000)
Tuesday third millennium was 1761–761 BCE (AM 2000–3000)
Wednesday fourth millennium was 761BCE–CE 240 (AM 3000–4000)
Thursday fifth millennium was CE 240–1240 (AM 4000–5000)
Friday sixth millennium is CE 1240–2240 (AM 5000–6000)
Sabbath seventh Millennium will be CE2240–3240 (AM 6000–7000).
As seen, the Jewish calendar began in AM 3760. It has shorter 354–day years and longer 384–day years. Every 19 years there 12 years of 354 days each with 12 alternating 29– and 30–day months, and 7 years of 384 days each with an extra leap month of 30 days to keep the years with the sun.
Each Day in the Cycle of Prophecy millennial week is the Era of a Messenger producing his Revelation from God’s Ark-Cabinet and proclaiming it from God’s Ark-Throne, just as a magician produces a bouquet from a hat and displays it from the stage. Each of these Messengers has been entrusted with a divinely-revealed Book:[4]
Abraham and Moses their Ghenza Rama and Torah for the Jewish Sunday
Zoroaster his Avesta for the Zoroastrian Monday
Krishna his Vedas for the Hindu Tuesday
Buddha his Tipitaka for the Buddhist Wednesday
Jesus his Gospel for the Christian Thursday
Muhammad his Quran for the Muslim Friday
The Bab and Baha’u’llah their Bayan and Aqdas for the Baha’i Sabbath. Their double Millennial bumper bouquet radiates the colors and emanates the fragrances of the bouquets of the previous Faiths.
Read similarly, the Scriptures of the Faiths are
the Word of God revealed in every age and dispensation…in the days of Moses…the Pentateuch; in the days of Jesus, the Gospel; in the days of Muhammad…the Qur’án; in this day, the Bayan; and in the Dispensation of Him Whom God will make manifest [Baha’u’llah], His own Book [the Aqdas] to which all the Books of former Dispensations must needs be referred, so that each believer of God will be able to explain and interpret all of the holy Books.[5]
The start of the Millennium will make CE 2240 the wedding-day of the Shechinah Bride of the Millennial Sabbath when all those who shall remain in the world at the end of the sixth millennium and enter the Sabbath [will be] happy.6]The beginning-times leading up to CE2240 are identical with the four end time centuries. The masculine testosterone-driven millennial weekdayEras of warring Faiths and Empires are now coming to an end. The feminine estrogen-guided Millennial Sabbath Era of peaceful divine civilization is now dawning. The wedding-day of the Shechinah bride will be marked by some key historic event. Perhaps a truly binding and enforceable global constitution will be signed by the nations of the world. Perhaps a certain country will declare as the first Baha’i state (as Armenia declared as the first Christian state in AD 311). Or some similar important event will occur.

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