As a person who keeps formal religion at arms length, I have written Beyond Malignant Materialism as a contemporary interpretation of the Apocalypse for readers from any religious background or none.

Why—now—yet another interpretation of the Book of Revelation? The reason is to give insight into the present mess the world is in. The purpose is to explain cogently all the serious events heard exploding fast and furious under our noses on TV and read in the newspapers in a unified way.

One way and another, most of these explosions are reverberating from the apocalyptic war that is waging between the Muslim Militarism of the Middle East and the Malignant Materialism of the Christian West. These two forces are as set on finishing each other off as Communist Russia and Capitalist America were during the Cold-War. But in the process, the global economy is spiraling fast into a Greatest Depression. No wonder these trying times are called the “end times”

Yet these end times are wonderful beginning times when viewed through the kaleidoscope of a new Faith. Its scriptures decode the Apocalypse as a stream of fresh unified knowledge explaining the historical events that have led the world into its present mess, and will lead it out of it. They show how the mess happened and also how it will be fixed. Spurred on by events unfolding so fast, I hasten to share these revelations, specifically those about the financial and political events now sweeping over the peoples of the planet so swiftly.