Great Satan: Why does Muslim Militarism hate America?

Why does Muslim Militarism hate America? Answering means looking at the world through Muslim eyes, however distorted the view may seem. Generally, Westerners and Muslims see the world quite differently:[1]
Muslims group nations as Muslim or infidel, while Westerners group them as friend or foe
Muslims see Islam formed of countries and nations, while Westerners see countries and nations formed of religions
Muslims read history in terms of cities and dynasties, while Westerners read history in terms of countries and nations.
Even book indexers note that Islamic literature and theology demand a mindset different from that when dealing with ‘Western’ material![2]
Muslim Militarism sees America as an enemy deserving destruction for wrongs that it has committed in many masks:
Infidel America occupies Islam’s Holy Arabia
Imperial America has attacked Muslim Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia
Arrogant America flaunts freedoms that trample spiritual taboos
Corrupt America is the single Abode-of-War superpower still blocking the global spread of Islam’s divinely-ordained Abode-of-Submission
Materialist America’s prosperity destroys the social bonds of Islam
Debased America’s loose life-styles seduce Muslims away from Islam
Jewish America supports Israel (yet it was America itself that denied Israel arms up to 1967)
Oil-thirsty America supports corrupt Middle East tyrants (yet it is Muslim nations themselves that often install tyrannies)
Capitalist America exploits Muslim poverty (yet it is low Muslim productivity and high Muslim birth rates themselves that cause poverty).

Muslim Militarism fingers the Great Satan of America as the prime cause of the world’s miseries. Just as the law of America itself oddly defines corporations as legal persons, so Muslim Militarism cannily identifies America as a person too! This American person—Satan personified—it holds liable for his crimes and judges him worthy of capital punishment. Muslim Militarism has found the time ripe for his destruction and has sentenced him to death. Unrestrained by fear or respect, it is executing Him with its tried and tested tool of jihad. In AD 650, Muslim Militarism’s Umayyad Caliphate felled the Sassanid Empire. In 1461, its Ottoman Empire felled the Byzantine Empire. In the 1980s, its Afghan fedayin routed the USSR and triggered its fall. Today, modern Muslim Militarism is as set on felling the other superpower of the USA. It plans to sing the swan-song of that Babylonian Malignant Materialism as early Umayyad Muslim Militarism sang the swan-song of those later ancient Babylonian Empires.

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