Foreword by Rabbi Suzanne Carter


Beyond Malignant Materialism is a unique parallel interpretation of the Book of Revelation that transcends religious dogma, bridges religious faiths, and explains nineteen hundred years of troubled events in Christianity and Islam with clarity and amazing prescience in providing a template for understanding and peace.

In the 1990s Able discussed with me what have now become main topics in his book, especially economic issues. Back then, few people in the United States or the prosperous West saw any economic reckoning coming. No one expected that such a collapse could happen. The economic system seemed just too well adjusted.

Even now, March 2009, people still do not understand—if Able is right—that the present recession is set to shrivel down into a universal paralysis “creeping over the minds and souls of men”. Sadly, a global depression worse than the one that our forbears went through in the 1930s seems to be needed to open the door for spiritual economics to do its work and to revive human nature.

Rabbi Suzanne Carter
Delray Beach