Chapter 9: A History of Islam


9.1At that, this fifth Angel trumpeted and I saw a star having dropped from the sky into the earth.
In AD 622 (AH1), this Messenger Muhammad warns my Christian Faith and I see him as a brilliant Teacher arriving urgently from Allah amid the barbarous tribes of Arabia.
He was handed the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit. 2He opened up the shaft of the bottomless pit. But from the shaft rose smoke like smoke from a huge furnace. Due to this smoke from the shaft, the sun and the air turned dark.
He brings Islam as his remedy for them to escape their endless error. He shows them the escape from their endless error. But their escape is blocked by the smothering evil influence of Umayyad propaganda. Due to its evil influence blocking their escape, the Glory and the Spirit of Allah are eclipsed.
3From out of the smoke locusts swarmed into the earth. To them was given power as yellow-scorpions possess power over the earth.
As a result of the evil influence the Umayyad Locust cavalries swarm across the Middle East. To them is assigned power as Scorpion archers wielding their arrow-power over the Middle East.
4But they were told not to hurt the grass of the land, or any plant, or any tree, but only the human-beings who did not wear the stamp of God on their foreheads.
But they are told not to hurt People of the Book, or their houses of worship, or their clergy (nor to fire fields, flame fodder, or fell forests), but only infidels who do not proclaim any Faith.
5Them they were ordered not to kill but to torment for five months—with their torment like torment from a yellow-scorpion when it stings a human-being. 6In those there days these human-beings will seek death—but shall never find it; they will long to die—but death shall flee from them.
Them they are ordered not to kill but to torment for the 150 Muslim years from AH 11 to 161 (CE 632–778)—with their suffering as painful as a Scorpion arrow when it pierces an infidel. During these particular years infidels seek death—but cannot find it; they long to die—but death eludes them.
7The appearance of the locusts was like horses ready for battle: on their heads something like crowns looking like gold, their faces like men’s faces. 8Yet they had hair like women’s tresses, and their teeth were like fangs of lions. 9They had chests like iron breastplates, with the sound of their wings like a rush of many horse-chariots racing into battle.
The appearance of the Locust cavalries is like locusts-swarming to attack: on their heads brass helmets shining like gold, their faces bearded. Yet they wear their hair long like women, and their teeth are dressed as fangs of lions. They have chests with iron breastplates, with the rush of their horse-chariots like the roar of many Phantom squadrons swooping to attack.
10Like yellow-scorpions, they have tails with stingers, and in these tails of theirs their power to hurt human-beings for five months.
As the Scorpions, they have rear-riding archers raining arrows, and in these rear-riders of theirs their power to hurt infidels from AD 632 to 778.
11As ruler over them, they have the evil-angel of the bottomless pit, his name Destruction in Hebrew, while in this Greek he has Destroyer as a name.
As Caliph over them, they have Muawiya as the evil Umayyad envoy of endless error, his infamy spelling destruction for Jews, while for Christians he is a destroyer notorious.
12This number one Trump-Ta-Ra has faded.
Muhammad’s first Muslim Era has wrought change.
Listen, a duo of Trump-Ta-Ras is still to sound after these visions.
Listen, the Bab and Baha’u’llah’s double Era is still to wreak change after these messages.
13At this, the sixth Angel trumpeted and I heard a single voice from the four horns of the gold Incense-Altar facing God 14telling this sixth Angel with the trumpet:
In AD 1844, the Messenger Bab warns Islam and I hear the joint input of the four Primary-Figures bearing Baha’u’llah’s superb love serving God, telling their Bab bearing his warning:
Free the four Angels bound down at the River Euphrates!
1844 has freed us four Baha’i Messengers whose surging knowledge has been suppressed by Persia and Turkey, just as 1453 freed four Muslim Messengers whose surging knowledge was suppressed by the Byzantine Empire!
15So the four Angels who had been prepared for this hour (a day plus a month plus a year) were set free to kill one third of human-beings.
So the four Primary Baha’i Figures who were ready for 1844 to end these 391 years have been set free to convert the Shi’i third of Muslims, just as the four Muslim Primary-Figures who had been ready for 1453 to start these 391 years were set free to convert the Byzantine third of Christians.
16The number of the horse-troops was two hundred million. I heard this number of them.
Up to 1453 the figure for the Muslim cavalries has mounted to two hundred million. From the Umayyads in AD632 to the Ottomans in 1453, I see this many of them.
17Thus I saw the horses in the vision:
Thus I see the Ottoman cavalries in my vision:
Their riders wearing fiery-red, hyacinth-blue, and sulfur-yellow breastplates,
Their riders wearing brilliant red, bright blue, and shining yellow armor,
The heads of the horses like heads of lions.
The thrust of their forces the power of their cannons and Sultans.
From their mouths pour fire, smoke, and sulfur.
From their cannon-muzzles spit flames, fumes, and flashes, and from their Sultan-edicts spit terror, evil influence, and despair.
18From these same three afflictions—from the fire, the smoke, and the sulfur pouring from these mouths of theirs—one third of human-beings was killed.
From these same three afflictions—from the flames, the fumes, and the flashes spat by these muzzles of theirs, and from the terror, the evil influence, and the despair spat by these edicts of theirs—the Byzantine third of Christians converts to Islam.
19For the power of these horses inside their mouth is also within their tails.
For the power of these forces in their cannon-muzzle is also within their shafts, and the power of the Sultans in their edict is also within their spy-systems.
For their tails are like serpents with heads. With them they wreak ruin.
For their shafts recoil like serpents with cannon ball heads, and their spy-systems slink like snakes with spies as eyes. With both of them they wreak ruin.
20But the rest of the human-beings not killed due to these same afflictions have not given up the products of their hands, so as not to worship those demonic spirits and idols—those of gold, of silver, of brass, of stone, and of wood that cannot see, hear, or walk!
But the remaining People of the Book not converting to Islam due to these same afflictions, do not abandon their possessions of power, so as to stop worshiping those fiends and idols—the ornaments of gold, the trappings of silver, the fittings of brass, the statues of marble, and the furnishings of mahogany that cannot appreciate, understand, or progress!
21They have even not repented of their murders, their sorceries, their fornicating, or their thefts.
They do not even repent of their murdering, their drug-dealing, their exploitation, or their thieving.
9.1–21: As a title, Muhammadanism was chosen deliberately to smack of Muslim Militarism in contrast to the true Islam of Muhammad.
9.1–2 (also 9.10, 11.7, 20.1 & 3): For Jews, the bottomless pit was the Dudael gorge into which the Yom Kippur scapegoat was thrown. For Baha’is, it is the pit of error…whose gates of Hell have opened wide…whose existence thou didst day and night deny.[1]
9.2: The darknessseemed to envelop[e] mankind and blot out the divine light.[2] and the wafting of the holy breath of God seemed to be cut off.
Map of the Umayyad Caliphate at its greatest extent9.2–3 (also 9.17–18, 14.11, 18.9, 18 & 19.3): Smoke reeks of the evil Umayyad influence that crippled early Islam, and denotes grave dissensions, the abrogation and demolition of recognized standards…so fierce is this fire of self burning.[3] Elsewhere smoke (vv. 8.4 & 15.8) wafts a more loving spirit.
9.3: Locusts and Scorpions were apt nicknames for the terrifying cavalries and archers of the Umayyad forces.[4]
9.3: The deadly yellow-scorpion of the desert fits the context of Arabia better than the milder black-scorpion of greener climes.
9.4, 20 & 12.17: People of the Book was the title of respect that Muhammad gave to fellow-monotheists like Jews, Christians, Sabaeans, and Zoroastrians Early Umayyad generals and rulers forbade their men to harm either People of the Book or the flora in the territories they conquered. They treated conquered peoples justly, bothered them little, and did not try to convert them forcefully (but their benign behavior did not last).[5]
9.4–6: Infidels were treated harshly so that they would turn to God, maintain the prayer, and pay the prescribed alms.[6]
9.5 & 10: Aptly, five months is the average life-span of a locust.[7]
9.6: Rarely, under dire circumstances, death is better than life, and nonexistence better than existence.[8]
9.11: ABBADON (Hebrew) and APOLLYON (Greek) are cover-names that mean literally Destruction and Destroyer. For these titles the evil Caliph Muawiya is the main candidate, and another is his fatherAbu-Sufyan, Muhammad’s arch-enemy. Against both of them Shi'i Muslims pray:
Allah, curse Abu-Sufyan, Muawiya, son of Abu-Sufyan, and Yazid son of Muawiya, and make it a never-ending curse.[9]
Even Sunni Muslims are ashamed of them. Muawiya died from a battle-wound at the age of 78 and is buried in a derelict tomb in a Palestinian town called Muawiya too (though Damascus claims a tomb for him too).
9.12: The simultaneous second and third Trump-Ta-Ras herald the Day of two Manifestations, when the blast reverberates and the second blast follows.[10]
Tomb of Mu’Awiya
Map of the Ottoman Sultanate at its greatest extent9.14–15 & 16.12: The River EUPHRATES signifies the Turkish and Persian kingdoms.[11] Euphrates is a cover-name whose Greek–Hebrew root EU–FRATĒ means literally good–surging water.[12]Translating traditionally as Euphrates, it interprets comprehensively as surging knowledge.
9.14–15, 18, 11.5, 13 & 19.21: Converting to a new Faith calls for being killed to the old Faith.
9.15: The four Primary-Figures of Islam were Muhammad, Ali, Hasan, and Husayn. Back then the ratio of Shi'i to Sunni Muslims was different from today.
9.16: From the 600s to the 1400s, huge Muslim cavalry hordes ranged between Spain, Pakistan, Sudan, and Chechnya. They were lured by salvation, land, booty, and women (not necessarily in this order). Just the horde of thirteenth-century Shah Muhammad of Kharesm numbered 400,000 men.[13] So over eight centuries, the historic and historical figure of two hundred million becomes eminently credible.
Red, blue, and yellow were the military colors of the Ottomans9.17–19: Fire, smoke, and sulfur interpret for both Ottoman cannons and Sultans. Hungarian engineer Ungar invented the first cannon that was charged and loaded via the muzzle and hurled 1200-lb missiles. The Ottoman general Mehmet bought some for his 80,000 troops to conquer Constantinople.[14]
9.17: The fashionable Ottoman military colors were indeed bright red, blue, and yellow.

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