Chapter 4: His Message of a New Faith


4.1After these visions I looked, and here was a Door opened up in the sky. Then that first voice that I had heard like a trumpet was speaking with me, saying,
After these messages, I watch and here is the Door of Jesus as the Bab with his 1844 Revelation from God. Then that first Proclaimer whom I heard as a herald is speaking with me, inviting,
Come up here, and I will show you what must flash after these visions.
John, Rise in spirit here, and I shall tell you what must flash after these messages.
2At once I soared in spirit and here was:
Immediately I was soaring in spirit and here was:
A Throne set in the sky, with a person seated on the Throne,
His 1863 Baha’i Revelation from God, with him as Founder of the Revelation,
3This enthroned person gleaming like an apparition of a gemstone of diamond and ruby,
This Baha’i Founder emanating the brilliant strength of justice as strong as diamond and of love as fiery as ruby,
Around the Throne, a rainbow like an apparition of emerald,
His Revelation broadcasting a promise of harmonious unity to the seven Faiths,
4Also around the Throne 24 thrones, and seated on these thrones 24 elders clad in white garments, and on their heads gold crowns,
Also the Revelation comprising 24 revelator-roles, and established in these revelator-roles 24 founders performing noble deeds, as leaders with divine authority,
5From out of the Throne poured lightnings, voices, and thunder,
As a result of the Revelation the anger of God flashes at the voices raised against it and at the violations shaking it,
Blazing in front of the Throne, seven lanterns of fire that are God’s seven Spirits,
Passionately serving the Revelation, seven zealous Revelators who are God’s seven Manifestations Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad,
6Also in front of the Throne what looked like a sea of glass like crystal,
Also serving the Baha’i Revelation, clear truth in all its excellence,
And at the center of the Throne, and around the Throne, four Living-Beings studded with eyes front and back:
And central to the Baha’i Revelation, and supporting the Revelation, four Primary-Figures [two Founders, two guardians] explaining the past and prophesying the future:
7The first Living-Being like a lion,
The first Primary-Figure, this regal Founder Baha’u’llah,
The second Living-Being like a bullock,
The second Primary-Figure, his sacrificial Co-Founder Bab,
The third Living-Being with its face like a human-being’s,
The third Primary-Figure, his kind Servant of Glory, Abdu’l-Baha,
The fourth Living-Being like a flying eagle.
The fourth Primary-Figure, his scholarly Guardian of Glory, Shoghi Effendi.
8These four Living-Beings, one after another bearing aboard six wings, are studded with eyes outside and in.
These four Primary-Figures, soaring in tandem series with the 24 founders, are prophesying spiritual and material matters.
They get no rest day or night, calling out:
They get no respite as God’s light lights the night, proclaiming:
Holy, Holy, Holy,
Unique, Unique, Unique,
Almighty Lord God,
Almighty Lord God,
THE-GOD-PRESENT in earlier Faiths,
THE-GOD-PRESENT in later Faiths,
Now THE-GOD-COMING in a new Faith!
9As these Living-Beings give glory, honor, and thanks to the Enthroned Living-Being living on into the eras of the eras,
As these Primary-Figures glorify, honor, and thank the Baha’i Founder Primary-Figure Baha’u’llah living on from the old Cycle of Prophecy into the new Cycle of Fulfillment,
10the 24 elders are to fall down before this Enthroned-One, worship this Living-Being living on into the eras of the eras, and toss their crowns down before the Throne, saying:
the 24 founders submit to the service of this Baha’i Founder Baha’u’llah, worship this Primary-Figure living on from Cycle to Cycle, and yield their leadership to the service of his Revelation, saying:
11Worthy are You, our Lord and God, to receive the glory and the honor,
Worthy are You, our Lord and God, to assume the glory and the honor,
Now the power,
Now the power,
For You Yourself have created all things:
For You Yourself create all things:
Though Your will they existed,
Through Your will their essence exists,
Then they have been created!
Then their essence takes physical form!
Enthroned apparition of diamond and ruby4.2–3, also 4.9, 10, 5.1, 7, 13, 6.16, 7.10, 15, 19.4, 20.11, 21.5 & 22.5: Enthroned-One: Before John, the prophet Ezekiel (1.28) also saw
what looked like a throne with an apparition of a human-being…the brilliance all around him like a rainbow in cloud on a rainy day.…Such was the appearance of the glory of God. His and John’s visions predicted Baha’u’llah, the Glory of God, as its enthroned apparition. To his Day Jesus Christ Himself had referred as ‘the regeneration when the Son of Man shall sit in the throne of His glory. Open your eyes, O concourse of bishops, that ye may behold your Lord seated upon the Throne[1].
4.2–3: Each pair of humanity’s seemingly opposite faces—male and female, religion and science, material and spiritual—combine into one united face.
4.2–3: An Old Testament rainbow sealed God’s promise never to flood the earth again. Now a New Testament rainbow seals His promise of unity to the seven Faiths, its green color harmonizing with the rainbow-colors of the seven Faiths as leaf-green harmonizes with the colors of all flowers.[2]
4.5, 8.5, 11.19 & 16.18–20: Storm, Lightnings, Thunders, and Earthquake signal the turmoil that opens religious Eras as
a great storm when the lightnings of the anger and the wrath of God will flash, the noise of the thunder of the violation of the Covenant will resound, the earthquake of doubts will take place, the hail of torments will beat upon the violators of the Covenant, and even those who profess belief will fall into trials and temptations. In this storm of trials afflictions appeared, the winds of tests blew, the thunder of temptation descended weak ones were shaken and were misled. But the disciples withstood the hardships and endured the ordeals. The Covenant of Baha’u’llah had been manifestly violated and the storm foreshadowed by the writer of the Apocalypse had broken. The ‘lightnings’, the ‘thunders’, the ‘earthquake’ which must needs accompany the revelation had all come to pass.[3]
4.4, 7.4, 14.1 & 14.3: 24: Elders interpret as Baha’i (small-f) founders as the first worshipers of the appearance of the universal Manifestation.[4]
4.5, also 8.10: Lanterns interpret here positively as zealous Revelators and later negatively as a fanatic Emperor (v. 8.10).
4.6: How manifold the emanations of knowledge from that ocean of divine wisdom[5].
4.6: All the knowledge of the past and all the knowledge of the future.[6]
4.7: Four Living-Beings: The four Living-Beings signify spiritual, not secular, kings.[7] The first lion Living-Stars depicting 24 elders, the two biggest as Enthroned-Ones and all four big ones as Living-BeingsBeing bears the flag of the Messiah son of David…of Judah, with a lion marked on it.
4.7: The second bullock Living-Being bears the flag of the Messiah son of Joseph, on which is the sign of an ox.The bullock (ox) is a central Yom Kippur sacrifice too.[8]
4.7 (also 4.1–2, 4, 6–10, 5.6–7, 8, 11, 14, 6.1, 6, 7.11, 11.16, 14.3, 15.7 & 19.4): Altogether, the 24 elders, the four Living-Beings, and the two Enthroned-Ones total 24 (not 30) persons.
4.8: Grammatically, the eyes arguably stud both the Living-Beings and the wings.
4.8: Holy, Holy, Holy (Greek Agios, Agios, Agios) echoes the Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh of Hebrew and proclaims Jesus’s three successor Messengers of God.
4.11: Our Lord and God interprets as Baha’u’llah mirroring God.

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