Chapter 20: The Jewish Seventh Millennium


20.1Now I saw an Angel landing from the sky, holding the key to the bottomless pit and a large chain over his hand.
Now I see Baha’u’llah coming from God, bearing his remedy for endless error and its great Law in his power.
2He seized the dragon—that ancient serpent that represents lying evil and hatred—and he bound it down for a thousand years.
He has confronted Militarism—that primeval sinfulness that represents lying evil and hatred—and he has curbed it for a thousand years.
3He tossed it into the bottomless pit and he shut and sealed over it so that it would deceive nations no longer (until the thousand years end; after these years it is bound down, it is bound to be set free for a short time).
He has doomed it to its endless error and he has stifled and isolated it, so that it will delude nations no more (until the thousand years end; after these years it is curbed, after CE 3240, it will run free for a short divine time).
4Then I saw thrones and on them sat people. To them was given authority to judge.
Then I see seats in a Universal House of Justice and to them are elected leaders. To them is given authority to govern.
Next, I saw the souls of those beheaded for this testimony of, by, and about Jesus and for this Word of God also those who had not worshiped the beast or this copy of it and had not taken its tattoo on their forehead or on their hand.
Next, I saw the souls of those early Baha’is beheaded for their testimony of, by, and about Jesus Returned as the Bab and for him as a Speaker for God also those who had not submitted to the brutal Ottoman system or to this Qajar clone of it and had not endorsed its cruel taxation or its religious discrimination.
With this Messiah they lived on and ruled for a thousand years (5the rest—of the dead—did not come to life until the thousand years were over).
With Baha’u’llah as Messiah their spirits live on and are leading for a thousand years (but others—the dead in spirit—will not live spiritually until the next Faith after the Millennium).
This is the prime resurrection. 6The person who takes part in this prime resurrection is fortunate, indeed holy.
This is Baha’u’llah arriving to proclaim the Cause of God. You who are taking part in his proclaiming the Cause of God are lucky, indeed unique.
Over such folk the second-death has no hold. Rather, they shall be Priests of God and the Messiah. With Him they shall rule for a thousand years.
Over you folk spiritual death has no hold. Rather, you are teachers for God and Baha’u’llah as Messiah. With them You shall lead the Jewish Seventh Millennium.
7But when these thousand years are over, hatred will be set free from its prison.
But when the Seventh Millennium ends in CE 3240, hatred will again run free in its selfishness.
8It will set out to deceive nations within the four corners of the globe, as Gog and land of Gog, mustering them to war, their number being as the sand of the sea
It will delude nations across the length and breadth of the globe, as a global dictator and his people, mustering nations to the warfare of yore, their number being as the descendants of Abraham
9They have mounted up over the breadth of the globe and have surrounded the camp of the faithful and the beloved city. But fire from the sky has razed down and devoured them.
—They will cross the face of the globe and will surround Haifa and the beloved Holy Land. But the fury of God shall slash down from space and destroy them.
10That lying devil deceiving them has been tossed into the pool of fire and sulfur where that beast and false-prophet will also be tormented day and night into the eras of the eras.
That evil lying dictator deluding them will be doomed to the isolation of unbelief and despair in which that brutal Shah and antichrist Alem were also afflicted as God’s light lit the night from the old Cycle to the new Cycle.
11Next, I saw a great white Throne and the Enthroned-One on it from whose presence the earth and the sky fled (no space was found for them).
Next, I see the great noble Baha’i Revelation and its Founder Baha’u’llah from whose advent old material and spiritual laws have faded away (no role is planned for them).
12Now I saw the dead, people both important and humble, standing before the Throne.
Now I see the dead in spirit, folk both important and humble, facing the Baha’i Revelation.
Short scrolls were opened. In addition, another short scroll was opened—the one that is the Book of Life.
Records of their deeds are revealed. In addition, another record is revealed‌—the one that lists people known to be morally decent.
The dead were judged by the records in these short scrolls—according to their deeds.
The dead in spirit are judged by the lists in these records—as their deeds deserve.
13The ocean gave up the dead in it. Death and the unseen gave up the dead in them.
The ocean of truth lets go of the spiritually dead in it. Atheism and unbelief let go of the spiritually dead in them.
Everyone was judged according to their deeds.
Everybody is judged as their deeds deserve.
14Death and the unseen were tossed into the pool of fire (that very second-death is this pool of fire).
Atheists and the spiritually dead are doomed to the isolation of unbelief (that very spiritual death is this isolation in unbelief).
15Furthermore, whoever was not found listed in the Book of Life was tossed into this pool of fire.
Furthermore, people known to lack moral decency are doomed to this isolation of unbelief.
20.3, 5 & 7: The real ‘Millennium’ is the Jewish Seventh Millennium (CE2240–3240).[1]
The Universal House of Justice on Mount Carmel20.4: The Baha’i Universal House of Justicewill be regarded by posterity as the last refuge of a tottering civilization.[2] This seat of nine Baha’i leaders is vested with the authority of Baha’u’llah, the Bab, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, and Shoghi Effendi. The Baha’i community elects them every five years. Established in 1963—the centennial of Baha’u’llah’s Proclamation—its physical building stands on Mount Carmel.
20.4: The ‘mark’ here signifies [bad] character.[3] The jizya tattoo depicts an ugly state of mind. The kharaj tattoo depicts evil deeds.
20.5–6: By ‘Resurrection’ is meant the rise of the Manifestation of God to proclaim His Cause. Prōtos,before resurrection, tests translators sorely with meanings like prime (favored), first, principle, primary, and best. The traditional translation, first resurrection, calls for a second resurrection that lacks any theological basis.[4]
20.8–10: MAGOG (in GOG and MAGOG) is a cover-name whose Hebrew source MI-HA-GOG means literally the-from-Gog, namely Gog’s. At the same time, its Accadian root, MATU-GOG, means literally land of Gog, which its full Hebrew source—Gog, the land of Gog, chief prince of expanding territory and abomination—backs.[5]
20.8: Haifa is the semantic center of the Bahai faith!
20.9: The camp of the faithful and the beloved city may also mean the Baha’i World Center and the beloved city of Haifa.
20.11: The great white throne…is the body of the Greatest Name [Baha’u’llah] who is the face of…the Almighty.[6]Physically, it shines as the white marble of the Universal House of Justice.
20.12: Disbelievers are standing before My Throne and yet remain unaware thereof. Their record of Deeds will be laid open. The prophets and witnesses will be brought in. Fair judgment will be given between them: they will not be wronged.[7]
20.12–14: What death is more wretched than to flee from the Source of everlasting life? By the terms ‘life’ and ‘death’…is intended the life of faith and the death of unbelief. When a dead body is thrown into the ocean, the waves will throw it back upon the shore. So it is with the Ocean of Truth.…If a believer has not these bounties of God, the sea will roll until he is finally cast out.[8]

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