Chapter 19: Spiritual and Economic Revival


19.1After these visions, I heard what sounded like a loud roar of a huge crowd in the sky calling out:
After these messages, I hear the many voices of future hundreds of millions of Bahá’ís calling out:
Praise God! Victory, glory, and power to our God,2for these verdicts of His are true and just, because He has judged that huge whore who has corrupted the globe with her fornicating. He has avenged the blood of His servants at her hand.
Praise God! Victory, glory, and power to our God, for these verdicts of His are genuine and just, because He has condemned that monstrous seductive greed that has corrupted humanity with its exploitation. He has avenged the violence against His workers due to its power.
3A second time they said,
Again they call out,
Praise God! Her smoke rises into the eras of the eras!
Praise God. Its effects are sending their signal from the old Cycle to the new Cycle.
4Then the 24 elders and the four Living-Beings fell and worshiped God-Enthroned, calling:
Then the 24 founders and the four Primary-Figures submit and worship God, the Founder of the Baha’i Revelation, calling:
Amen! Praise God!
Truly so! Praise God!
5Next came a voice from the Throne, saying:
Next speaks Baha’u’llah for the Revelation, urging:
Adore our God, all you His servants fearing Him, both humble and important.
Adore our God, all you His workers fearing Him, both humble and important.
6Next, I heard what sounded like a roar of a huge crowd and like a rushing of many waters and like a pealing of mighty thunders calling out:
Next, I hear the voices of today’s millions of Bahá’ís broadcasting abundant teachings and promoting powerful systems of justice, calling out:
Praise God for our Almighty Lord God has begun to rule!
Praise God for our Almighty Lord God has taken control!
7Let us rejoice! Let us exult!
We rejoice! We exult!
Let us glorify Him because the wedding of the Ram has come, and his wife has prepared herself.
We celebrate the Glory of God because the perfection of the Bab is happening, and his perfect partner Baha’u’llah is ready.
8To her has been given clean shining fine-linen to dress in—for this fine-linen represents the righteous deeds of the faithful.
To him is given pure radiant righteousness to display—for his righteousness represents the excellence of faithful people.
9Now he tells me
Now he praises me:
Record: ‘Fortunate are the people invited to the wedding-banquet of the Ram.’
John, you published in AD 95 how lucky would be the folk celebrating the perfection of the Bab in 1863.
Then he tells me:
Then Baha’u’llah tells me,
These are the true Words of God.
The Bab and I are genuine Speakers for God.
10At this, I fell at his feet to worship him. But he tells me:
At this, I humbly submit to worship him. But he tells me:
Look, don’t! As your fellow-servant, I am also of your brothers and sisters who bear this testimony of, by, and about Jesus! Worship God, for this testimony of, by, and about Jesus is ‘the Spirit’ in this prophecy!
Look, John, stop! As your Fellow-Baha’i, I am also of your Fellow-Christians who bear your testimony of, by, and about Jesus! Worship God [not me, His Mirror], for your testimony of, by, and about Jesus is me, the ‘Manifestation of God’ in this interpretation!
11Now I saw the sky opened up and here was a white stallion, with its rider, trustworthy and true.
Now I see the Baha’i Revelation revealed and here is its force as a noble Faith, with its leader Baha’u’llah, true and genuine.
He judges and fights with justice,12yet his eyes a flame of fire, wearing on his head many sovereign-crowns, bearing a written
He judges and fights with justice, yet his spirit blazes divine love, the spiritual ruler of eight prior sovereign Faiths, the bearer of God’s new name
that no one but he knows, 13and dressed in a garment dipped in blood.
that no one but he has known, and displaying good deeds while suffering violence.
His title is called
His title is
14The armies in the sky have followed him on white stallions adorned in clean white fine-linen.
Troops in the Baha’i Revelation follow him as noble forces promoting pure noble righteousness.
15From his mouth issues a sharp sword for him to strike the nations with it. He shall himself also guide them with an iron rod. In addition, he himself tramples that winepress of the wine of the furious anger of Almighty God.16On his garment and over his thigh he has a title written:
His verses project perceptive truth for him to compel nations with it. He himself also directs them with God’s firm law. In addition, he himself has been processing that crushing lesson embracing the grapes-of-wrath of Almighty God. Formally declaring his good deeds and strength is his title:
17Now I saw a certain Angel standing in the sun. He cried out in a loud voice, telling all the birds flying high overhead:
Now I see him as the main Messenger championing God in Persia. He calls out as the Proclaimer, inviting all spiritually soaring souls:
Come, gather for God’s great banquet, 18to eat remains of rulers, remains of military leaders, and remains of mighty men, and remains of horses, as well as of the riders on them—in other words, remains for all people, both free and slave, both humble and important.
Come, join God’s great celebration, enjoy bounty from leaders, bounty from generals, bounty from tycoons, bounty from Power Politics, Widespread Warfare, Economic Injustice, and Callous Selfishness, as well as from the False Faith, National Greed, Corporate Greed, and Lazy Neglect driving them—in other words, bounty for all, both owners and workers, folk both humble and important.
19At this, I saw the beast and the earth’s rulers and their armies assembled to wage war against the rider on the stallion and against his army.
At this, I see the brutal Qajar Shah and other Middle East leaders and their forces join together to wage jihad against Baha’u’llah leading his noble Baha’i Faith and against the troops of his followers.
20But the beast was seized, and with him the false-prophet who had worked the wonders on his behalf by which he had deceived those who took the beast’s tattoo and worshiped this copy of it.
But the brutal Qajar Shah is killed, and with him his antichrist Prime-Minister who has run schemes on his behalf by which he deluded Persians into endorsing the brutal Shah’s system of cruel taxation and religious discrimination and into submitting to this Qajar clone of it.
Alive, these two were tossed into the pool of fire burning with sulfur.
During their lives, this pair were already doomed to the isolation of unbelief devastating with despair.
21The rest were killed by the sword issuing from the mouth of the rider on the stallion.
Other Persians shall be converted by the truth of the verses spoken by Baha’u’llah as leader of the Baha’i Faith.
Then all the birds feasted on those remains of theirs.
Then all souls will enjoy that bounty of theirs.
19.1, 3, 4 & 6, HALLELUJAH has the Hebrew source HALLELU–YA meaning literally let us praise-God.
19.46 also 10.7: From v. 10.7 to here the riddle of God has been discussed, and from here it gets fulfilled. The Codex Sinaiticus marks this point by using up 3 of its precious mere 29 paragraph-breaks.
19.6 & 1: Last-first Greek puts results before causes, even ones as far apart as v. 19.6 roar growing into v. 19.1’s loud roar. In addition, v. 5.11’s internal interpretations millions of millions and millions have been imported into vv. 19.1 & 6.
19.7–9, 21.2, 9 & 22.17, Bride, Groom, Wedding, and Wife all have spiritual meanings, spiritually rooted in celebrating the Jewish Sabbath as the Bride of God the King. Now Baha’u’llah is the promised bride who marries the Bab as his Co-Founder partner groom to become his perfecting partner wife.[1]The year of  Baha’u’llah proclaiming himself, 1863, was the date of their wedding and its consummation, on what Christ calls the ‘Days of Marriage’,[2]a Day of great rejoicing. It behoveth everyone to hasten towards the court of His nearness with exceeding joy, gladness, exultation and delight,[3] a great festival when whatsoever was promised in the sacred Scriptures hath been fulfilled. Then its 1963 centennial was celebrated with world-wide celebrations as the ‘Most Great Festival,’ the ‘King of Festivals,’ the ‘Festival of God’ Himself.[4]
19.10 & 22.8–9, also 21.3 & 7, Worship God: The Angel’s terse command Worship God! teaches that Messengers are as God but cannot be God. Thus for Christians, Jesus the Son mirrored the light of the Spirit of the Father as a sun. Thus for Baha’is, the Messianic reality is like unto a mirror through which the sun of divinity has become resplendent, the effulgence of His theophany in the mirrors,[5] shining as if the sun in the sky and the sun in the mirror are one.[6]
19.11, 14, 19 & 21: For Baha’is the beautiful and glorious person riding upon the white horse is the Greatest Name.[7] For Hindus, he is Lord Kalki mounting his swift white horse Devadatta and ranging the earth exhibiting His eight mystic opulences and eight special qualities of Godhead.[8]
19.12: Many sovereign-crowns interpret for the eight Messengers (Abraham to the Bab) before Baha’u’llah, who were Hinduism’s eight special qualities of Godhead and its eight superhuman faculties endowing its divine being who exists…in the character of Brahma,[9] and who were Islam’s eight angels who bear the Throne.[10]
19.12–13, also 1.13, THE WORD OF GOD is the station of distinction[11] of Baha’u’llah as the Father.
19.13: As a prisoner, Baha’u’llah suffered severe physical abuse.
19.14: These white stallions belong to the triumphant hosts of the Celestial Concourse. They stand ready and expectant to assist and assure victory to that valiant horseman who with confidence spurs on his charger into the arena of service.[12]
19.16, also 17.14, King of kings and Lord of lords here are titles for Baha’u’llah, confirmed by him saying the King of Kings is with you,[13] and the Lord of Lords hath come.[14] He tells rulers: He Who is the King of Kings hath appeared…summoning you unto Himself.…It is not Our wish to lay hands on your kingdoms. Our mission is to seize and possess the hearts of men.[15] Yet the princes of the Church…have failed to acknowledge the sovereignty of [Himself as] the ‘King of kings’,[16]and Vicegerent [sic] of God.[17] When the Ottoman Prime-Minister perused Baha’u’llah’s letter to his Sultan, he turned the color of a corpse, and remarked: ‘It is as if the king of kings were issuing his behest to his humblest vassal king, and regulating his conduct!’.[18]
19.17, also 16.89: This sun interprets as Persia.[19]
19.18: No the before humble and important makes it render as a period of a new civilization run by spiritual economics.
19.20, also 16.13, 9.12: Best, this beast and false-prophet fit Persia’s Shah Nasser-al-Din (1831–96) and Prime-Minister (Vazir) Taqi Khan (1807–52). In 1896, the brutal Shah Nasser-al-Din was seized by assassination, while in 1852 his Prime-Minister Taqi Khan had already been seized by execution that a drunk Nasser-al-Din had ordered. (Taqi Khan was an ‘anti-Christ’…like his predecessor Vazir…Haji Mirza Aqasi[20].)
19.20, 20.10, 14 × 2, 15 & 21.8: Fire means ‘fire’ of unbelief.[21]
19.21, also 17: Souls are on the wing like unto birds of holiness and have attained to the divine Kingdom.…the notes sung by those birds…melodies of peace and reconciliation, of love and unity, of justice and security, of concord and harmony that will intoxicate all humanity.[22] These feasting birds also evoke the birds that would pick away the corpses laid out by Zoroastrians on their towers of silence open to the sky, on the mountain tops[23] for the sun to bleach their bones and for the sky to receive their spirits.

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