Chapter 15: The Presence of God


15.115.1Next, I saw another extensive and amazing sign in the sky:
In the mid-1800s, I see another extensive and amazing scene from God:
Seven Angels with seven afflictions—the last, for with them the fury of God is over.
Seven Middle East Messengers heralding seven afflictions—the end time afflictions, for with them the fury of God is over.
2Now I saw what looked like a sea of glass, mixed with fire, and standing on this sea of glass the people winning out over the beast (meaning over this copy of it) and over the number of its name, bearing the harps of God, 3they are also singing the song of God’s servant Moses and the hymn of the Ram, saying:
Now I see clear truth, shimmering God’s love, and championing this clear truth the Baha’i Primary-Figures and founders prevailing over the brutal Ottoman system (meaning over this Qajar clone of it) and over discrimination by its authority, heralding the harmony of God, they are also celebrating the Torah of God’s worker Moses, and the new Gospel of the Bab, chanting:
Extensive and amazing are Your deeds,
Extensive and amazing are Your deeds,
Almighty Lord God.
Almighty Lord God.
Just and true are Your ways,
Fair and genuine are Your ways,
Ruler of Nations.
Leader of Nations.
4Who, Lord, does not fear You and
Who, Lord, does not revere You and
Glorify Your name?
Glorify You ‘The Most Glorious’?
For You alone are sacred,
For You alone are holy,
For all nations shall come and worship before You,
For all nations shall come and worship in Your service,
For Your righteous requirements are clear.
For Your loving laws are clear.
5After these visions, I looked, and the Temple of God’s Presence in the Covenant was opened up in the sky.
After these messages, I watch, and the One Religion of God’s Shechinah in the Law is revealed by His Baha’i Revelation.
6From the Temple emerged the seven Angels with the seven afflictions, adorned in clean shining linen, with gold sashes girdling their chests.
For the One Religion of God appear the seven Middle East Messengers heralding the seven afflictions, promoting pure radiant goodness, bearing their splendid love.
7Then a certain of the four Living-Beings handed the seven Angels seven gold pitchers filled with the fury of the God living into the eras of the eras.
Then the first Primary-Figure Baha’u’llah assigns the seven Messengers seven splendid doses of influence packing the fury of the God living from Cycle to Cycle.
8At this, the Temple was filled with smoke from the Glory of God and his power.
At this, the One Religion is filled by the loving spirit of Baha’u’llah and his power.
Yet nobody could enter the Temple until the seven afflictions of the seven Angels were over.
Yet nobody can fully live the One Religion until the seven afflictions of the seven Middle East Messengers are over.


15.1, also 8.2: These Pitcher-Angels and the prior Trumpet-Angels are synchronous in both portraying the seven Middle East Messengers in the Abrahamic line.[1]
15.2, also 5.85 & 14.2–3.: The Living-Beings and elders continue bearing the harps of God.
15.4: You alone are divine echoes the beautiful Muslim word-play la ilaha illa Allah meaning No gods but God.
15.5: Testimony renders specifically as God’s Baha’i Covenant renewing His One Religion.
15.7, also 5.8: Pitchers are pitchers of knowledge.[2]
15.8: The Temple was filled with smoke emanates the incense-smoke filling the Holy in the daily continual (tamid) service and filling the Holy of Holies in the special (mosaf) Yom Kippur service.
15.8, 21.11 & 23: Glory of God: To Baha’u’llah the author of the Apocalypse‌…alluded as the ‘Glory of God’, whom also Ezekiel saw coming from the east with a roar like the roar of many waters.…The earth was lit by…the Glory of God as it entered and filled the Temple.[3] Apropos, in Arabic Glory of God is “bahá-’Ulláh” or “magd-Allah”. From its 1833 edition to its 1858 edition, the Scottish Bible Society’s Arabic New Testament went from “bahá-’Ulláh” to “magd-Allah”.

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