Chapter 14: A New Gospel


14.1Next I looked, and here was the Ram standing on the beacon Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 folk wearing his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads.
In 1844 I watch, and here is the Bab championing the way to New Jerusalem, and with him that unity-diamond of many believers progressively perfecting the Faiths, endorsing him and his spiritual Father Baha’u’llah.
2Then I heard a sound from the sky like a rushing of many waters and like a pealing of loud thunder. This sound that I heard was like harpists playing their harps.
Then I hear God broadcasting abundant teachings and promoting powerful justice. This music to my ears comes from the Bahá'í Primary-Figures and founders heralding harmoniously.
3They are singing some kind of new song in front of the Throne and before the four Living-Beings and the elders.
They are celebrating the Bab’s new Gospel in the service of the Revelation and in the service of themselves as its four Primary-Figures and founders.
Nobody except these 144,000 folk bought from the earth has been able to learn this song.
Nobody except this unity-diamond of many believers progressively perfecting the Faiths recruited from Persia’s Middle East world can yet understand his new Gospel.
4These are those not spoiled by women, for they are celibates.
These are true Muslims not spoiled by materialism, for they remain pure.
These are those who follow the Ram whenever he may come, wherever he may go.
These are pure Muslims who have followed the Bab after 1844, in Persia.
These are those who have been bought from among human-beings as a prime-pick by God and for the Ram.
These are followers who have been recruited from among Muslims as a first choice by God and for the Bab.
5From their mouths no falsehood is heard. They are faultless.
They tell no lies. They are beyond reproach.
6Then I saw another Angel flying high overhead, bearing eternal good news to joyfully proclaim to those seated over the earth and over every nation, tribe, language-group, and people, 7calling out in a loud voice:
Then I recognize Jesus as another spiritually soaring Messenger, bringing God’s new eternal message to joyfully proclaim to the rulers of the Middle East and all its nations, families, language-groups, and peoples, calling out as a Proclaimer:
Fear God and glorify Him, for the hour of His verdict has come.
Revere God celebrate the Glory of God, for the century of their verdict has come.
Worship the creator of the sky and the land, and of an ocean and sources of waters.
Worship the creator of spiritual and material reality, and of renewed spiritual truth and sources of knowledge.
8Another Angel, a second, followed, calling,
Another Messenger, Muhammad the second, joins in, calling:
The Colossal Confusion [Babylon] that has caused all nations to collapse intoxicated from the wine of the fury of its fornicating has fallen, fallen!
Monstrous Malignant Materialism that has plunged all nations into a crazed frenzy from the grip of its passionate exploitation is being destroyed, destroyed!
9Another Angel, a third, followed them, calling in a loud voice:
Another Messenger, Baha’u’llah the third, joins them, calling out as a Proclaimer:
Whoever worships the beast (meaning this copy of it) and takes a tattoo on their forehead or on their hand 10shall himself also drink from the wine of the fury of God poured full-strength into the cup of His anger.
Persians who have been submitting to the brutal Ottoman system (meaning this Qajar clone of it) and endorsing its cruel taxation and religious discrimination are also themselves being gripped by the fury of Allah fully focused as the fate of His punishment.
Facing the holy Angels, and facing the Ram, they shall be tormented in fire and sulfur.
Facing God’s unique Messengers, and facing the Bab, they are being afflicted with unbelief and despair.
11The smoke from their torment rises into eras of eras. These worshipers of the beast (meaning this copy of it), and whoever takes the tattoo of its authority, are getting no rest day or night.
The effects of their afflictions are sending a signal from the old Cycle to the new Cycle. Persians submitting to the brutal Ottoman system (meaning this Qajar clone of it), and Persians endorsing cruel taxation on its authority, are getting no respite as God’s light lights the night.
12This indeed displays the endurance of the faithful who take God’s commands to heart, especially the Faith of Jesus.
This indeed displays the tenacity of the faithful who take God’s teachings seriously, especially the Christianity of Jesus.
13Next I heard a voice from the sky saying:
Next I hear God say:
Record: ‘Fortunate are those dying in a Lord—from now on’.
John, you published in AD 95 how lucky were people dying with belief in a spiritual Lord—from that time on.
‘Certainly so’, says the Spirit, ‘so that they might rest from their tireless labors—for their good deeds follow after them’.
‘Certainly so’, adds His Manifestation Baha’u’llah, ‘so that they have had respite from their tireless labor—for their good deeds have blazed their trail’.
14Now I looked and here was a white cloud, and seated on the cloud someone like a Son of Man, wearing a gold crown on his head and bearing a sharp scimitar in his hand.
In 1863, I watch and here is noble glory, and established amid human limitations the Divine Human-Being Baha’u’llah, leading with divine authority and exacting keen judgment with his power.
15Now another Angel came from the Temple, crying out in a loud voice to the one seated on the cloud:
Now Muhammad appears as another Messenger for the One Religion of God, crying out as a Proclaimer to Baha’u’llah established in noble glory amid human limitations:
Swing this scimitar of yours to reap, because the hour to reap has come, for the earth’s grain-harvest has dried up.
Execute this judgment of yours to award, because your century to reward has begun, for Middle East goodness has faded.
16So the person seated on the cloud cast his scimitar over the earth, and the earth was reaped.
So Baha’u’llah, established in noble glory amid his human limitations, judges the Middle East, and the Middle East is awarded.
17Then another Angel came out of the Temple in the sky, he himself also bearing a sharp scimitar.
Then the Bab appears as another Messenger for the One Religion of God, he himself also exacting keen judgment.
18Now another Angel from the Sacrificial-Altar—in charge of the fire—called out in a loud voice to the one bearing the sharp scimitar, saying:
Now Jesus as another Messenger of sacrifice—wielding its love—cries out as a Proclaimer to the Bab exacting keen judgment, saying:
Swing your own sharp scimitar to gather the clusters from the vineyard of the earth, for the grape of the earth has peaked.
Execute your own keen judgment to punish the evil amassed across the Middle East, for wickedness across the Middle East has peaked.
19So the Angel cast his scimitar at the earth, gathered the vineyard of the earth, and tossed it into the huge winepress of magnificent God’s full fury.
So the Bab judges the Middle East, assesses the evil in the Middle East, and dooms it to a massive crushing lesson by magnificent God’s full grapes-of-wrath.
20(This winepress was trampled outside the city).
(This crushing lesson is processed in parallel to both Babylon and New Jerusalem).
From the winepress, blood flowed up to the bridlesof the horses, for 1,600 furlongs.
As a result of the crushing lesson, violence submerges the leaders of Power Politics, Widespread Warfare, Economic Injustice, and Callous Selfishness, attaining perfection through a long period of hard work.
Mount Zion the beacon to Jerusalem and its Temple14.1: ZION is a cover-name whose Hebrew root TSIŌN means literally beacon (indicator, pointer, or signal). It translates comprehensively as beacon Mount Zion, which is the pointer to physical Jerusalem and its Temple, and to spiritual New Jerusalem and its divine civilization. Zion trembleth and exulteth with joy at the Revelation of God, for it hath heard the Voice of God on every side.Out of Zion hath gone forth the Law of God…with the glory of His Revelation.[1]
14.2–3, also 5.8: These harpists are the Living-Beings and elders who began to play their harps back in v. 5.8.
14.4: Just as Cohens had to be physically celibate for Temple worship, so the first followers of the Bab were his spiritually pure disciples.
14.4: Historically, the first eighteen disciples of the Bab sought him out as the first who followed the commandments of God…the first fruits of all good and its consummation.[2]
14.6: No the before eternal good news lets it render for the new glad tidings[3] of the Baha’i Faith (rather than familiarly for the Gospel of Christianity).
14.7, 16.9, 19.7, also 11.13: Glorify God implicitly involves Baha’u’llah as the Glory of God.
14.8, 16.19, 17.5, 18.2, 10 & 21: CONFUSION (BABYLON) is a cover-name whose Hebrew root BABEL means literally confusion, for which it translates directly as (The) Confusion.
14.7: No the before ocean and sources of waters lets it render for new spiritual truth and teachings of knowledge.
14.11: No the before eras of eras lets it render for the new Cycle of Fulfillment.
14.13: No the before Lord lets it interpret for any Messenger of God (not just Jesus).
14.14: They shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.[4]
14.18: Fire is the love of God.[5]

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