Chapter 13: 666 is the Number of the Beast


13.1It stood firm on the sand of the sea. From this sea I saw a beast arising, with ten horns and seven heads, ten sovereign-crowns on its horns, and blasphemous titles on its heads.
Muslim Militarism establishes itself on the Red Sea coast. From this sea I see its brutal Umayyad dynasty rising in AD666, sporting its ten dynastic names and its seven domains, its ten names for its supreme Caliphs, and its blasphemously titled lesser Caliphs over its domains.
2This beast that I saw was like a leopard, its feet like a bear’s, and its mouth like a maw of a lion. To it the dragon gave its power, its throne, and great authority.
This brutal Umayyad Caliphate that I see expands as fast as Greece’s Leopard Empire, has the strength of Persia’s Bear Empire, and has made Damascus its capital like Assyria’s Lion Empire. To it Muslim Militarism supplies its power, its capital Damascus, and great authority.
3I also saw a certain of its heads as if fatally wounded. But its mortal wound healed up.
I also see its lone domain of Spain nearly destroyed by the Abbasid coup of AD 749. But Umayyad Spain’s decisive destruction is thwarted.
The whole earth was fervent after the beast. 4People worshiped the dragon that gave power to the beast and they worshiped the beast, boasting:
The whole Middle East madly pursues the brutal Caliphate. Its people idolize the Muslim Militarism that is supplying power to the brutal Caliphate and they idolize the brutal dynasty, boasting:
Who is like this beast? Who can fight it?
Nothing is like this brutal dynasty! Nobody can defeat it!
5It was assigned a mouth speaking boasts and blasphemies. It was granted authority to operate for 42 months. 6It opened up its mouth with blasphemies against God, insulting His name and His Presence (those who manifest God’s Presence in heaven).
It has Damascus gushing pomp and profanity. It has authority to operate for 1,260 years. Its Damascus broadcasts profanities against Allah, cursing his name and His Shechinah (Messengers who manifest Allah’s Shechinah in Revelations).
7It was allowed to wage war against the faithful and to defeat them. It was granted power over every tribe, people, language-group, and nation.
It wages war against faithful People of the Book and defeats them. It gains power over all Middle East families, peoples, language-groups, and nations.
8All the people living on the earth whose names were not to be listed in the Book of Life of the Ram-To-Be-Slain from founding a world-order, will worship it.
All Middle Easterners known for their lack of moral decency per the executed Bab from founding Muslim Militarism’s world-order, idolize it.
9Let whoever has ears listen. 10Whoever is destined for captivity goes into captivity. Whoever is to be killed with a sword is to be killed with a sword. This indeed displays the endurance and belief of the faithful.
Let readers understand. True Muslims who are captivated by God must be captives of the Umayyads. True Muslims who succumb to the sword of Muhammad’s verses must succumb to swords of Umayyad steel. This indeed displays the tenacity and belief of faithful Muslims.
11Next, from the land, I saw another beast arising. It had two horns looking like a ram’s, yet it hissed like a dragon.
In 1299, from the Asian steppes, I see the brutal Ottoman dynasty arising. It sports the titles Sovereign (Sultan) and Successor (Caliph) as its sheep’s clothing, yet it sounds like dictatorial Muslim Militarism in disguise.
12It exercises the full authority of the first beast on its behalf. It makes the earth and the people living on it worship that first beast (whose mortal wound had healed up).
It exercises the full authority of the prior brutal Umayyad Caliphate in lieu of it. It forces the Middle East and the citizens in it to idolize that prior brutal Umayyad dynasty (whose decisive destruction Spain has thwarted).
13It works magnificent wonders, so as even to make fire drop from the sky onto the land in front of human-beings.
It works magnificent wonders, so as even to make fire flash down from air to earth in full view of its Muslims.
14With these wonders that have been given to it to work on behalf of the beast, it deceives the people living on the earth, telling the people living on the earth to make a copy of that beast that had the war-wound but lived on.
With these wonders that it works in lieu of the brutal Umayyad system, it deludes the people dwelling in the Middle East, telling Middle Easterners to establish its Ottoman clone of that brutal Umayyad system that faced destruction but still lives on as Umayyad Spain.
15Into this copy of the beast it has been allowed to breathe an evil spirit, so that this copy of that beast might be dictatorial and have whoever did not worship this copy of that beast executed.
Into its Ottoman clone of that brutal Umayyad system it instills an evil spirit, so that its clone of that system is dictatorial and has whoever refuses to submit to its Ottoman clone of that brutal Umayyad system assassinated.
16Furthermore, it forces everybody‌—both humble and important, both wealthy and poor, both slave and free—to take a tattoo upon their right-hand or upon their forehead, 17so that nobody can buy or sell except the person who wears the tattoo-name of the beast or the number of his name.
Furthermore, it forces everybody—both humble and important, both rich and poor, both owners and workers—to take Umayyad Caliph Muawiya’s tax-tattoos, his kharaj on landowners’ right-wrists or his jizyaon People of the Book’s foreheads, so that no businessman can buy or sell except a person who is tattooed with the name of this bestial Caliph or the code of his authority.
18This indeed displays wisdom. Let the person with understanding figure out the number of this beast, for it is a number of a human-being. His number is 666.
This indeed displays wisdom. Let the reader with an interpretation understand the code of this brutal man, for it is his code of an evil Muslim. Muawiya’s code is the year that he proclaimed as Caliph (AD 666).
12.17/13.1: The term it stood firmly on the sand of the sea closes Chapter 12 and now repeats to open Chapter 13 (with the sea surging a different meaning).
13.1–18: This prophecy was related to the Holy Land.[1]
13.1: In Revelation…by a ‘beast’ is intended an earthly government. Sometimes a beast signifies a body politic and sometimes a single person which heads that body.[2]
13.1: Ten horns and seven heads return as dynastic Umayyad Caliph-Names and domains. Successor (Caliph) was a blasphemous title assumed by the Umayyads to help them steal successorship from Muhammad.
13.2 & 11: Land and sea beasts call up the Old Testament’s sea-monster Leviathan and land-monster Behemoth.[3]
13.2: In addition, the leopard, bear, lion, anddreadful, horrible, extremely strong, beast with ten horns of Daniel interpret also as Greece, Persia, Assyria, and the Umayyad Caliphate.[4]
13.3: The terse I saw one of its heads as if fatally wounded. But its mortal wound healed up alludes to the Umayyads having implicitly lost six domains but retaining Spain as their sole surviving domain through Abd Al-Rahman escaping the massacre of the Umayyads by the Abbasids in AD 749.
13.13: Fire dropping from the sky onto the land may have been Greek fire, thought of as early napalm or as concave mirrors focusing the sun’s rays.
13.15: Ottoman Sultans used to have high-ranking people strangled at the dead of night as the dead of night.[5]
Jizya cross-tattoo on forehead of an Ethiopian Falasha girl Jizya cross-tattoo on right wrist of an Egyptian Copt13.16–17, etc.: Jizya and Kharaj Tax-Tattoos were begun by Muawiya and revived by the Ottomans to enforce initially fair income taxes with these names. Today some Ethiopian Falasha women and Egyptian Copts still wear jizya-tattoos, now recast as marks of honor on the wrist as well as still on the forehead. titles—total 666.[6] Other ancient and modern meanings of 666 include:
13.18: The Number of the Beast 666 refers to the year, because that beast is the Umayyad King who appeared in the year 666 AD. He was Muawiya who declared himself as Caliph in AD 666. Numerologically, both THE CALIPH and BEAST—Muawiya’s Revelation
 The total of the first six Latin letters[7]
 The 6–6–6 skeleton of the barcode as its three thin long sides and center, line-pairs, each coding for a 6. Take a look!
 The Hebrew letters vav–vav–vav for www or World-Wide-Web!
 The total of the 6×6 Muslim magic sun square, each of whose rows, columns, and diagonals adds up to 111.8]

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