Chapter 12: Noble Islam


11.19Then the Temple of God in the sky opened up. Within His Temple appeared its Ark of His Covenant.
In AD 622 the One Religion of Allah is revealed. Within His One Religion Ali appears as its Custodian of Allah’s new Muslim Covenant.
Then lightnings, voices, thunders, an earthquake, and heavy hail broke out.
Then the anger of Allah flashes as voices rise against His Muslim Revelation, as violations shake it, as doubts quake it, and as severe torments beat down on its Umayyad heretics.
12.1In the sky a magnificent sign appeared: a woman dressed in the sun, beneath her feet the moon, over her head a crown of 12 stars, 2and pregnant she is shrieking in labor and in the throes of childbirth.
From God a magnificent scene plays out: noble true Islam shining the spiritual sun of Muhammad and the emblem sun of Persia, founded on the spiritual moon of Ali and the emblem moon of Turkey, led by 12 brilliant Imams, and bearing a mission she labors painfully and suffers severely to deliver her Twelfth Imam.
3But in the sky another sign appeared. Behold, a huge fire-red dragon, with seven heads, ten horns, and seven sovereign-crowns on its heads. 4Its tail is sweeping down one third of the stars of the sky, and it has cast them into the earth.
But in the Revelation a parallel scene plays out. Behold, Muslim Militarism’s monstrous bloodthirsty Umayyad Caliphate of AD 666, with seven domains, ten dynastic Caliph-Names, and seven sovereign-caliphs ruling its domains. Its final blow strikes down four of true Islam’s 12 brilliant Imams, and it kills them.
The dragon was, and has been, standing in front of the woman who was due to give birth, so that when she would deliver her child, her child it would devour.
Since AD 666 Muslim Militarism has been, and up to 1844 is, standing against the true Islam that is due to deliver its successor, so that when she delivers her Twelfth Imam, her Twelfth Imam it kills.
5Nonetheless she did bear an heir, as a male who is due to guide all nations with an iron rod.
Nonetheless in 1844 she delivers her Twelfth Imam, as the Bab who begins to direct all nations with God’s firm guidance.
But her child was snatched up to God and His Throne.
But in 1850, her young Bab is plucked up by firing-squad to God and His Baha’i Revelation.
(6The woman had fled into the desert where she had a spot there prepared by God, so that there they might nurture her for 1,260 days.)
(From AD 666, true Islam took refuge in the Arabian desert where it had holy cities prepared by Allah, so that there Mecca and Medina sustained it for the 1,260–year Muslim Era.)
7Now war broke out in the sky: God-Like Michael and his angels having to fight the dragon. The dragon and its evil-angels fought back. 8But they lacked the might, and no space in the sky was found for them any longer.
Now spiritual war breaks out for God’s Baha’i Revelation: Baha’u’llah the Presence of God and his envoys fighting Muslim Militarism. Muslim Militarism and its evil-envoys fight back. But they prove impotent, and no role in any Revelation is planned for them any more.
9So this huge dragon—this ancient serpent that is known as the lying evil and hatred that deceives the whole inhabited world—was cast down to the earth. Its evil-angels were cast down with it.
So this monstrous Muslim Militarism—this primeval sinfulness that is known for its lying evil and hatred that has deluded the whole Middle East society—is doomed. Its evil-envoys are doomed with it.
10Next, I heard a loud voice in the sky proclaiming:
Next, I hear Baha’u’llah as Proclaimer of the Baha’i Revelation announce:
Launched right now is the victory, the power and the reign of our God, with the authority of His Messiah,
Launched right now is the victory, and the power and the reign of our God, through my authority as His Messiah,
For the one accusing our brothers and sisters (denouncing them before our God day and night) has been cast down.
For Qajar Persia falsely accusing my fellow-Baha’is (denouncing them before our God as His light lit the night) is doomed.
11They have themselves defeated it through the blood of the Ram. Through this Word of their testimony they have not clung to life, right into death.
They have themselves defeated it through the death of the Bab. Through him as this Divine Speaker in their testimony they have not clung to life, right into martyrdom.
12Thanks to this, rejoice you heavens and you in them who manifest God’s Presence!
Thanks to this, rejoice you Faiths and you Messengers in them who manifest God’s Shechinah!
‘Trump-Ta-Ra’to you earth and sea,
My Bahá’í Era has brought change toyou material and spiritual realms of Persia,
For lying evil has razed down into you with intense fury, knowing that it has little time!
For lying evil is slashing down into you with great fury, knowing that its time is up!
13When the dragon saw that it had been cast into the earth, it hunted for the woman who bore the boy.
When Muslim Militarism felt that it had been doomed, it hounded the true Islam that would deliver the Bab.
14But the great eagle’s two wings had been given to the woman so that she might fly into the desert, to her spot where there she is nurtured for seasons, far from the face of the serpent.
But great Muhammad’s Hasan and Husayn were assigned to true Islam so that it took refuge in the Arabian desert, in its holy cities where there it was sustained for the 1,260–year Muslim Era, far from the Caliphates, Sultanates, and Imamates fronting primeval sinfulness.
15Regardless, the serpent spewed from its mouth a river of water after the woman, in order to wash her away.
Regardless, primeval sinfulness was gushing from its capitals a flood of lies against true Islam, in order to overwhelm it.
16But the land helped the woman. The land opened up its mouth and swallowed up the river that the dragon spewed from its mouth.
But decent desert folk have been helping true Islam. Salt-of-the-earth Bedouin have joked at and laughed off the lies that Muslim Militarism has been gushing from Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo, Istanbul, and Teheran.
17Consequently, the dragon got angry over the woman.
Consequently, Muslim Militarism has set out to punish true Islam.
In addition, it set out to fight the rest of her children obeying the commands of God and bearing this testimony of, by, and about Jesus.
In addition, it has been fighting the other People of the Book, the Sabaeans, Jews, and Zoroastrians obeying the teachings of God, and the Christians bearing this testimony of, by, and about Jesus.
Hereby it stood firm on the sand of the sea.
Hereby, it has been oppressing the many descendants of Abraham.
11.19: This verse closed Chapter 11 and now repeats to open Chapter 12. Now the Temple stands for the Muslim Revelation and its Ark of His Covenant for Ali. Both Ali and ‘Abdu’l-Baha were the legal and spiritual heirs and guardians of their Faiths’ Founders: ‘Abdu’l-Baha was Baha’u’llah’s son, and Ali was Muhammad’s cousin, adopted son, and son-in-law. Each Faith had its heretics too—Islam its Umayyad dynasty and the Bahá'í Faith its Covenant Breakers.
12.117: ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s 1918 Commentary on the Twelfth Chapter of the Revelation of St. John[1] addresses much of Chapter 12 and supplies many of the citations that follow.
Shi’i Islam as a woman dressed in the sun, beneath her feet the moon, over her head a crown of 12 stars12.1: Woman dressed in the sun: This woman is that bride, the Law of God that descended upon Muhammad.…These twelve stars are the twelve Imams, who were the promoters of the Law of Muhammad and the educators of the people, shining like stars in the heaven of guidance.…The sun with which she was clothed, and the moon which was under her feet, are the two nations which are under the shadow of that Law, the Persian and Ottoman kingdoms; for the emblem of Persia is the sun, and that of the Ottoman Empire is the crescent moon. Thus the sun and moon are the emblems of two kingdoms which are under the power of the Law of God.Further, Muhammad and Ali were a Sun of Prophethood and Moon of divine guidance and the sun of the heavenly teachings…and the moon of true knowledge.The brightest ‘star’ shining in the ‘crown’ mentioned in the Revelation of St. John portrays Imam Husayn, the most illustrious of the successors of the Apostle of God. In addition, Genesis 17.20 refers to the twelve Imams and promises Ishmael that hewould beget twelve princes and be a great nation.[2]
12.2: Shrieking in labor and in the throes of childbirth cries out the painful first and painful second stages of childbirth, and is therefore far from being repetitive hype.
12.2: The Law of God fell into the greatest difficulties and endured great troubles and afflictions until a perfect offspring was produced as the coming Manifestation.[3]
12.3: The dragon represents the Muslim Militarism that the Umayyad Caliphate originally embodied. The serpent of the Umayyad Caliphate flew on the wings of corrupted Islam like the dragon of mythology as a serpent flying on the wings of an eagle. These signs are an allusion to the dynasty of the Umayyads who dominated the Muhammadan religion. Seven heads and seven crowns mean seven countries and dominions over which the Umayyads had power: they were the Roman dominion around Damascus; and the Persian, Arabian and Egyptian dominions, together with the dominion of Africa—that is to say, Tunis, Morocco and Algeria; the dominion of Andalusia, which is now Spain; and the dominion of the Turks of Transoxania. The Umayyads had power over these countries. The ten horns mean the names of the Umayyad rulers—that is, without repetition…ten names of rulers.…Several of them bear the same name…two Muaviya, three Yazid, two Valid, and two Marvan.…The first was Abu Sufyan, Amir of Mecca and chief of the dynasty of the Umayyads, and the last was Marvan.[4]
12.4: The Umayyads…destroyed the third part of the holy and saintly people of the lineage of Muhammad who were like the stars of heaven.[5]They beheaded the Third Imam Husayn in AD 680 and in AD 670, 713, and 733 poisoned the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Imams Hasan, Ali, and Muhammad.
12.4–5: This child was the promised Manifestation, the offspring of the Law of Muhammad. The Umayyads were always waiting to get possession of the Promised One…from the line of Muhammad, to destroy and annihilate Him; for they much feared the appearance of the promised Manifestation, and they sought to kill any of Muhammad’s descendants who might be highly esteemed.…This great son is the promised Manifestation…born of the Law of God and reared in the bosom of the divine teachings. The iron rod is a symbol of divine power and might through which He will shepherd all the nations of the earth.…‘Her child was caught up unto God and to his throne’…is a prophecy of the Bab, Who ascended to the heavenly realm, to the Throne of God, and to the center of His Kingdom.…Because of the despotism of the dragon the child was carried up to God. After twelve hundred and sixty days the dragon was destroyed, and the child…the Promised One, became manifest.[6] This ‘Man Child’…in the Book of Revelation, destined to ‘rule all nations with a rod of iron’, had released, through his coming, the creative energies, which, reinforced by the effusions of a swiftly succeeding and infinitely mightier Revelation, were to instill into the entire human race the capacity to achieve its organic unification, attain maturity and thereby reach the final stage in its age-long evolution.[7]
12.6: The Law of God fled to the wilderness, meaning the vast desert of Hijaz.…The Arabian Peninsula…became the abode and dwelling place, and the center of the Law of God.…Twelve hundred and sixty days mean the…years that the Law of God was set up in the wilderness of Arabia.[8]
12.7: MICHAEL is a cover-name whose Hebrew root MI–CHA–EL means literally one who is–like–God and it translates comprehensively as ‘God-Like’ Michael.
12.9–15 & 20.2: The meaning of the serpent is attachment…of the spirit to the human world, which led the soul and spirit of Adam from the world of freedom to the world of bondage.…From the height of purity and absolute goodness he entered into the world of good and evil. Attachment of the spirit to the human world, which is sin, was inherited by the descendants of Adam. That enmity continues and endures.¼This bondage is identical with sin.¼Because of this attachment¼men have been deprived of essential spirituality and exalted position. Jealousy, greed, the struggle for survival, deception, hypocrisy, tyranny, oppression, disputes, strife, bloodshed, looting and pillaging all emanate from the world of nature.[9]
12.14: Eagles fighting serpents is a classic mythological theme.[10]
12.17, also 22.16: By the 1800s the seed of Abraham was already populating the whole Middle East. No wonder! Four thousand years ago, Abraham sired three sets of tribal leaders: twelve through his maid Hagar and their son Ishmael; twelve more through his wife Sarah and their grandson Jacob; and ten more through his wife Keturah and their four sons. Hereby God fulfilled His promise to make Abraham’s seed as many as grains of sand on the sea shore.[11] From Abraham the Bab would descend from Hagar and Baha’u’llah would descend through both Sarah and Keturah.

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