No single person writes a book. It is inevitably a team effort. In Beyond Malignant Materialism, many first-class people played their parts. I thank them in rough chronological order.
Thanks go to you to my early teachers Bert Raine, Dick Knight, Frank Spragg, Hugh Williams, Ioan Thomas, and Gordon Lindsay-Jones, for inspiring me with love of language and scientific method.
Thanks to you Marie Edwards for telling me about Baha’i Writings that interpret Revelation, Susan Kreider for your keys (you know what I mean!); and Christine Rayner for liberal use of your library.
Thank you Rabbi Suzanne Carter for your intuition, insights, and computer expertise when Beyond Malignant Materialism was conceived. Thank you Dr Rob Stockman for your unstinting support from that same moment of conception, and for your ongoing and prompt resilient feedback, come rain or shine.
Thank you Thellie Lovejoy and Peter Terry for sharing your valuable Barstow-Lovejoy and Pilgrim Note Archives; Professor Mahmoud Farshchian for your beautiful Morning Star; Hushidar Motlagh for your Bibliography of Millennialist Writings; Rina Vardy for showing the Dead Sea Scrolls; Roger Dahl for researching Baha’i archives; Badi Daemi (Catifs Badi) for rendering Persian sources; Fami Ibrahimi for the photo of your wrist; Yitzhaq Hayutman for your supradimensional Temple of New Jerusalem; Val Chesser for finding all 24 New Jerusalem gemstones; Richard Peritz for promotional inputs; unknown Archive researchers for answering questions diligently; and Aileen, Bill, Maggie, Gene, and Jaden (first names only to save embarrassment!) for all kinds of advice.
For draft reviews and many comments and suggestions, thanks are due to you Dr Ralph Townsend, David McMurray, David Piff, Dr Mike Joffe and David Lawrence, Marguerite Sears, Rev. Dr Jeremy Swayne, Dr Albert Cheung, Gloria Ahmadjian, Tim Quilter, Denise and Neil Davidson, Bryn and Sherna Deamer, Michael Downes, and Drs Mia and Jeremy Marcus.
Thank you Prof. David Aune your penetrating translation insights and for debating the odd Greek of Revelation so patiently; Dr Harold Landa for your Midrashic insights and less than Midrashic jokes; Profs. Arthur Eidelman and Peter Vardy, Rabbis Chaim Richman and Shmuley Boteach, for delving into specific Hebrew words; and Bishop Jacob Barclay for your insights into specific Greek and Aramaic words.
Thank you editor Professor Peter Winnington (Mervyn Peake biographies) for your extensive editing and prompt replies about grammar. Thank you Llewellyn Drong for your tireless editing and symbol analyses. Thank you Geoff Evans for imposing paragraph spaces and for doggedly calling spades in no uncertain terms. Last, and far from least, thank you Peter Terry for spotting early potential in Beyond Malignant Materialism, for finding Baha\'i source texts, and for important extensive structural editings.
Thank you fellow authors Bob Riggs (Apocalypse Unsealed) for useful exchanges and support; John and Gloria Ben-Daniel (Apocalypse in the Light of the Temple) for exposing Revelation’s structure and Yom Kippur rituals, and for heated debates; and James Barrington (Paul Richter novels), Morris Rosenthal (Print-on-Demand Book Publishing), Leora Skolkin-Smith (Edges: O Israel, O Palestine), and Vanessa Spence (The Roads are Down) for various publishing inputs.
Thank you book designer Dani Battat for solving layout problems so patiently. Thank you Art Director Warwick Knowles (Pagemarks Design) for your lovely illustrations and ever ready empathy. Thank you Robin Williams (Non-Designer’s Design Book) for generous input long ago; Sharon Emmons (Blue Moon) and Claire Allcard (Claire Allcard Books) for advice; and Marcia and David Gorner for a picture of a picture; and Zortal for the cover image.
Thank you webmaster Roy Kellerman for creating a brilliant website,Jason Gorner for a starter website, and Dr Instone-Brewer and Ehud Tokatly for useful computer tips.
Thank you indexer Nigel d’Auvergne for your patience and generosity with time.
Finally, in the great tradition of keeping the best until last, thank you angelic Joan for your steadfast loyal support throughout.

Then least, but not least, thanks are due to everybody else who deserves recognition, but was accidentally left out.