1844 Ends the Cycle of Prophecy and Opens the Cycle of Fulfillment

*The watershed year 1844 was a tipping point that switched the old spiritual Cycle of Prophecy to the new spiritual Cycle of Fulfillment.[1] The Christian year 1844 was the Muslim year AH 1260. So the Muslim year AH 1260 and the Jewish and Christian
prophecies correspond to one another. In the Apocalypse, the appearance of the Promised One is appointed after forty-two months, and Daniel expresses it as three times and a half, which is also forty-two months, which are twelve hundred and sixty days.…Nothing could be clearer than this agreement of the prophecies with one another.…For him who is just, the agreement of the times indicated by the tongues of the Great Ones is the most conclusive proof[2].
In its wake, this switch in Cycles brought four hundred years of turbulent end timesthat are also wonderful beginning times.
Judaism Predicts 1844 for Israel with:
God shall smite [Israel] sevenfold.[3]This decodes as 7 × 360 days of years of Israel being punished, as the 2,520 years from Assyria conquering it in 677 BCE to 1844 (2520 = 677 + 1844 − 1, with “−1” correcting for lack of any “year 0”). Sevenfold also interprets broadly for the seven severe serial strikes suffered by Israel or the Jews by (1) Assyria, (2) Media, (3) Greece, (4) Rome, (5) the Crusaders, (6) the Inquisition, and (7) the Holocaust.
The time of the daily sacrifice forsaken due to sin, the sanctuary surrendered, the army trampled…for 2,300 days.[4]This decodes as the 2,300 years from the 457 BCE decree of Artaxerxes to let Ezra rebuild Jerusalem[5] to 1844 (2300 = 457 + 1844 − 1)
The kingdom of a beast that would change times and law for three-and-a-half seasons.[6]This decodes as the AH 1–1260 Muslim Era (3½ × 360 = 1260) from AD 622 to 1844
The Messiah appearing when both Christianity and Mohammedanism‌…universally extend their sway, with the key to the mystery...Balaam’s statement, Num. 23.23…‘WHAT HAS GOD WROUGHT’.[7]This decodes as the inaugural code message that Morse wired from Washington to Baltimore on May 24 1844 (the day that the Bab proclaimed[8])
In the year 600 of the sixth millennium, the gates of Wisdom of above and the fountains of Wisdom below shall be opened and the world shall be prepared to enter the Seventh Millennium.[9]This decodes as the Jewish year AM 5600, namely AD 1840 (almost 1844) that opened the four hundred end time centuries to AM 6000 or AD 2240 opening the Jewish Seventh Millennium.
Zoroastrianism Predicts 1844 for its Hushidar Door of Wisdom in terms of the religion of the Arabian, written long before the appearance of Islam:
When 1,260 years have elapsed from the religion of the Arabian.¼‌Hushidar will appear and the Iranians will kill him.[10] This decodes as the AD 622–1844 Muslim Era (AH 1–1260), and the Bab as Hushidar or Door of Wisdom
A thousand two hundred and some years…from the inception of the religion of the Arabian and the overthrow of the kingdom of Iran and the degradation of the followers of My religion, a descendent of the Iranian kings will be raised up as a Prophet.[11] This decodes as 1250 Muslim years from the AD 650 (AH 30) defeat of Persia’s last Zoroastrian king Yazdigird to Baha’u’llah’s AD1863 (AH 1280) proclamation as his descendent
In three separate Dispensations, the sun must…be brought to a standstill. In the first Dispensation…for ten days; in the second for twice that time; in the third for no less than one whole month. For the Muhammadan Dispensation…each day is reckoned as one century…from the setting of the Star of the Imamate to…the Báb [decoding from the AH 260 or AD873 disappearance of the Twelfth Imam to 1844]. The second Dispensation…inaugurated by the Báb…in the year 1260 A.H.…was brought to a close in the year 1280 A.H [decoding as twice ten days of years]. The third Dispensation—the Revelation proclaimed by Baha’u’llah whose duration hath been fixed for a period of one whole month, which is the maximum time taken by the sun to pass through a sign of the Zodiac [decoding as a whole 2147–year zodiac age].[12]
Hinduism Predicts 1844 for its Kali Avatar
when the practices taught by the Vedas and the institutes of law shall nearly have ceased, and the close of the Kali age shall be nigh, a portion of that divine being who exists…in the character of Brahma¼shall descend upon the earth…born as Kalki in the family of an eminent brahmin…then reestablish righteousness upon earth.…The minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as pellucid as crystal. The men who are thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time…shall give birth to a race who shall follow the laws of the Krita age. This decodes for 1844 as when the Kali Budding Era of Hinduism switched to its Krita Golden Era.[13]Approximating to the Cycles of Prophecy and Fulfillment, in 1844 the Long Cycle of Hinduism was ended by its 4,800–year Kali Age, and its Truth Cycle was begun by its Krita Golden Era.
Buddhism Predicts 1844 for its Fifth Buddha
Before this same auspicious aeon runs to the end of its years…there will be Maitreiya. This aeon decodes as Hinduism’s same Kali Era also used by Buddhism. Maitreiya meaning Kindness fits Baha’u’llah’s given name of Husayn that means Kindness and fits him as a Messenger…full of kindness[14].
Christianity Predicts 1844 for the Return of Jesus with its Revelation time-prophecies of 391 and 1260 days, which Jerusalem shall be trampled by the gentiles until the times of the gentiles are fulfilled (Luke 21.24) backs too. Further, Christian Millennialists decoded Daniel’s 2,300–day time-prophecy as 1844, to discover with amazement that 1844 wasthe Muslim year AH1260. Interpreting Revelation 9, Millennialists had seen the Locust cavalries of Muslim Militarism swarm out of Arabia, had heard its Scorpion arrows whistle across the Middle East, and had smelt its Ottoman cannon smoke envelop Constantinople.[15] But they choked at recognizing that that the the year for the Return of Jesus (even its location) might be set by the Muslim calendar. So, for them, 1844 came and went as a non-event.[16]

ZOAR 1844 AD engraved on a church in Tretower, Wales. ‘Zoar’ (really ‘Zohar’) is Hebrew for ‘Glory’

 Islam Predicts 1844 for its Qaim Twelfth Imam, saying:
Everything will ascend to Him on a Day that will measure a thousand years.[17]This decodes from the AH 260 (AD 873) disappearance of the Twelfth Imam to his AH 1260 (1844) Return as the Bab
In the year ‘GHARS’ the earth shall be illumined by his light.[18]Abjad numerology decodes this as AH 1260 (1844)
The year of his Revelation is identical with half of that number which is divisible by nine.[19] This decodes as 2560 (the lowest number divisible by all nine digits), half of which renders as the year AH 1260 (1844).
Concerning the year in which the Qa’im was to be made manifest…in the year sixty his cause shall be revealed and his name noised abroad.[20]This decodes as AH 1260 (1844)
The Baha’i Faith refers back to 1844 from Baha’u’llah’s vision in AD 1852, the ninth year after 1844:
The Báb announced that the greater manifestation would take place…in the ninth year, namely AH 1268 as the ninth year after AH 1260 (CE 1852)
In the year nine—again 1852—this Most Great Revelation arose and shone forth brightly
His Cause will be made known after ‘Hin’, namely ‘68’. Abjad numerology decodes this as AH 1268 (1852).[21]
So all Faiths predict 1844. Even a Toltec Indian prophecy says that a Savior will dawn from the East…in the 13th Era, namely AD 1844–1896, since each Toltec Era is 52 years.[22] All these prophecies decode by simple arithmetic, without involving fancy notions like rapture or tribulation.[23] Importantly, 1844 also dawned of the Age of Aquarius, unleashing a surge of universal utopian messianic religions, channeling divine power down many rivers of learning, and launching a fleet of magnificent inventions onto the ocean of knowledge. As the Muslim year AH1260, the pivotal year 1844 rang out the last Era of the old Cycle of Prophecy. As the Baha’i year BE 1, the pivotal year 1844 rang in the first Era of the new Cycle of Fulfillment. The Baha’i calendar began in 1844 with Baha’i EraBE 1. It has nineteen months of 19 days and 4–5 holy leap-days to keep its year to the sun.year
The Edicts of Toleration of the Ottoman Tanzimat Reforms
Also in 1844 Edicts of Toleration took effect in the Holy Land. These important Edicts were a key part of the Tanzimat Reforms of the Ottoman Empire of 1839. The Edicts gave legal equality to the non-Muslim subjects of the Empire, reversing centuries of discrimination against them as second-class state protégés called zimmis (protected), who were
barred from offices, forced to humble and to humiliate themselves in diverse ways, wear clothes and badges that set them apart, and whose their places of worship were desecrated, damaged, or destroyed. Like their Christian fellow subjects, the Jews were inferior citizens in the Muslim-Ottoman state which was based on the principle of Muslim superiority.…Their testimony was not accepted in the courts of justice, and in cases of the murder of a Jew or Christian by a Muslim, the latter was usually not condemned to death. In addition, Jews as well as Christians were normally not acceptable for appointments to the highest administrative posts; they were forbidden to carry arms (thus, to serve in the army), to ride horses in towns or to wear Muslim dress. They were also not usually allowed to build or repair places of worship and were often subjected to oppression, extortion and violence by both the local authorities and the Muslim population.[24]
Even in the street, Jews and Christians had to walk on the left-side—making them easy targets for Muslim stones. At the other extreme, Christians converting from Islam were executed.
On the face of it, zimmis had protected status for which they paid the jizya poll tax—as protection money. But even the payment process became
a sign of their inferior status, with the object in levying the tax the subjection of infidels to humiliation. During the process of payment, the zimmi is seized by the collar and vigorously shaken and pulled about in order to show him his degradation.
Further, the Quran tells Muslims: Fight those of the People of the Book who do not truly believe…until they pay the jizyah.[25]
Yet the jizya began life as a sensible 5% income tax that exempted non-Muslims from army service or from paying the 2.5% zakat income-tax that Muslims paid as a pillar of Islam. (The kharaj property and business tax came later). But soon enough the Umayyads raised these taxes abusively, enforcing them with their cruel tax-tattoos, and the Ottomans did the same later.[26]
Discrimination was especially severe in the Holy Land where Muslims, Jews, and Christians rubbed shoulders daily, especially amid Jerusalem’s holy sites. In Jerusalem the precarious position of Jews dated back to the Romans, also to Christian Patriarch Sofronius conditioning his peaceful surrender of the city to conquering Muslim Caliph Omar on him banning Jews from it AD 638. As a result, the 1839 Edicts of Toleration took several years to bite in Palestine, helped along by two precedents: Egyptians invading Palestine in the 1830s had begun similar reforms, and the Edicts had saved Jews in Syria from death in 1840.[27] But the Jews and Christians of Palestine had to wait until 1844 for the enforcement of the Edicts.
The turning point was a signal court case. A Muslim court had ignored the Edicts and sentenced to death a Muslim convert to Christianity. European governments cried foul to Istanbul, invoking the new Edicts. Responding favorably, the Ottoman government forbade the putting to death of the Christian who is an apostate, and the Sultan promised that henceforward neither shall Christianity be insulted in my dominions, nor shall Christians be in any way persecuted for their religion.[28] The day was March 21 1844, the 1st of Nissan on the Jewish calendar, which marked the exact end of Daniel’s 2,300 days of years prophecy dating from the 1st of Nissan 457 BC when Ezra set out to rebuild Jerusalem.
For Palestinian Jews, the main thrust of the Edicts was letting them own property and land legally. From 1844 they began to buy and in parallel became the Jerusalem majority by the 1850s.[29] In 1844, the Palestine Council of Agriculture opened its membership to Jews. The same year saw the publication of the Dry Bones of Israel Revived, a proto-Zionist restoration book promoting the return of the Jews to the Holy Land. It author George Bush was a New York University professor of Hebrew and the direct forebear of two US Presidents.[30]
So 1844 was the seminal date of conception seeding the State of Israel and ending the breaking of the power of the holy people,[31]opening its embryonic stage of land-purchase, starting its fetal century of Jewish ingathering, and leading to its 1948 birth that was so painful for baby and mother.

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