Why—just now—yet another interpretation of the Book of Revelation? My reason is to  help the mess that the world is in. Serious events are exploding fast and furious under  our  noses dail y on TV and in the newspapers as the apocalyptic war that is now waging between the Muslim Militarism of the Middle East and the Malignant Materialism of the Christian West, and as confused Babylon's economic chaos that is crashing the globe into financial disaster and is spiraling it into a Greatest Depression.

Seen through the kaleidoscope of a new Faith, new decoded prophecies in the Book of Revelation show how materialism and militarism led to this mess and  explain how the rise of spiritual economics will cure it. Indeed, these trying end times are really the magnificent beginning times of  a prosperous golden Millennium. The Faith's scriptures reveal that the Apocalypse vision of St. John is a fresh, informative, and pertinent history of these events, especially the crucial fall of the Babylon of Confusion of Malignant Materialism (Chapter 18) and the vital entry of spiritual economics (Chapter 19).


Ahead of publishing Beyond Malignant Materialism as a hardcopy book, I ha sten to share the fresh, informative, and pertinent insights of these coded interpretations into the fast unfolding financial and political events now challenging all the peoples of the planet. I do this by already putting the c ontents of my book here on the World Wide Web.

John Able MD, Author




 Dr John Able has produced a strikingly original and scholarly interpretation of the Book of Re velation. It is must reading for anyone striving to penetrate the hidden secrets of this prophetic   book.…Exceedingly interesting —Joe de Courcy, Intelligence Research Group

Beyond Malignant Materialism is a unique parallel interpretation that transcends religious dogma, bridges religious faiths, and explains nineteen hundred years of troubled events in Christianity and Islam with clarity and amazi ng prescience. This work may very well become a template of understanding and peace for allRabbi Suzanne Carter, Delray Beach


Beyond Malignant Materialism is a unique perspective on the Book of Revelation as a history of monotheistic Faiths since 96 AD.…The seven churches are the seven major faiths…the primitive faith of Abraham, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.…Very interesting readingProfessor Jon Paulien, Loma Linda University


I am blinded by Dr Able’s profound and astonishing work in biblical exegesis and the beauty of his rhetoric. It is a wonder. His amazing work is beautifully crafted and researched.…His approachgreatly enhances the readability of the text—Robert Riggs (Foreword)


Your book is amazingly detailed and thorough; a real tour de force.…a remarkably holistic, comprehensive, and rationally consistent interpretation of Revelation.…Those who are interested in prophecy will never look at Revelation the same again, and this book will influence many future works about the subject—Dr Robert Stockman (Foreword)

Dr Able has produced an accurate, idiomatic, and insightful translation of this peculiar and difficult text that is often very, very good, and includes an incredible amount of historical research on religious history.…A strikingly lively translation that sticks to the intention of the Greek original and provides an authoritative base for his distinctive interpretive approach to the text. ImpressiveProfessor David Aune (Foreword)

Beyond Malignant Materialism is an interesting historical perspective of the book of Revelation. It provides a new interpretation of many important passages of the holy Bible. With colourful photographs and illustrations, it provides imagery that adds to the understanding of the historical.…The use of different type face is very effective in producing a different feeling when reading sacred text—Mrs Marguerite Sears, Desert Rose Institute, Eloy


Your…adaptation and application of Revelation…was ingenious.…I was impressed by the sheer weight of references to particular events—Professor Fr Richard Woods, Dominican University


Dr Able has written an interestingprovocative commentary on the Book of Revelation. He has set aside historical-critical methodology and its preterist approach in favor of a historicist approach.…His commentary is well-written and clear—Dr Phil Munoa, Hope College, Author Four Powers in Heaven


You write stylishly and readably, and you develop intelligently your thesis that the Book of Revelation extends beyond its strictly Christic origin.…More readable, better organized and more cogently argued than other treatments…of the Middle Eastern context of the Book of Revelation.…I came away respecting the quality of your work —Dr Ralph Townsend, Headmaster of Winchester College, UK


Very Midrashic while etymologically interesting. I have not seen previous use of such exegesis—Dr Harold Landa, Yeshiva University

The writing is colourful and alive suiting your colourful personality—Dr Hushidar Motlagh, Author I Shall Come Again